Wednesday, September 1, 2010 (Riding Mountain National Park, MB to Winnipeg, MB)

We had sunshine today, finally! We were up early so we could relax with our morning coffee before getting started on the pack up.

We were all done and ready to hit the road just before 10:30. It was a lovely morning as Steve manoeuvred the rig out of our site and we said good-bye to Wasagaming and Riding Mountain National Park.

It was a lovely drive as we headed towards Winnipeg; unfortunately, we lost our blue sky the further south we went. I was a little concerned at the route Serena (GPS) told us to take as we neared the outskirts of Winnipeg but she was right and we were soon on the Perimeter Highway that took us to the southeast end of the city. We easily found our destination, Traveller’s RV Park, and after registering, found our site--#198, a long pull-through site. The park has large grassy sites with gravel pads. It is important that you stick to the road and gravel pad because the grass is very soft especially with all of the rain they have had recently. Because of our length it was impossible to stay off the grass as we pulled into our site. When we got out of the truck we discovered that we had left ruts about 4-6 inches deep in the grass and our newly washed tires were caked in mud that is very sticky! The weather was good as we unpacked and got all set up...but there was definitely a storm coming in from the south.

After we were all set up and Steve finished washing the mud off the tires we sat outside in the sunshine and had a bevie before unloading the boat. We were taking the truck in for servicing tomorrow so in order to tilt the cab, the boat and loader would have to be removed. It wasn’t long after we had finished doing that when the rain started, so inside we went.

Brian and Linda (Angie’s parents) picked us up just after 7:30 and we drove in the pouring rain to an Earl’s restaurant for drinks and appies. We had an absolutely great evening with them! Lots of fun and a really good visit! They dropped us the pouring rain (still)...just after 11:00 p.m. We would be going over to their place for dinner tomorrow night. We’re looking forward to seeing them again, as well as Claire, Sandy and their kids, Stella and Cruz.

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