Thursday, September 16, 2010 (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)

We had the ultimate in lazy was almost noon by the time we headed out to do some grocery shopping and laundry. Serena took us on a very strange route to Station Mall where there was supposed to be a Laundromat. It was very busy in the parking lot so we nixed that idea and headed to Walmart for some shopping. While paying a rather expensive bill there, I asked the cashier if there was a Laundromat nearby. She gave us directions to where she thought there was one but when we arrived, it turned out just to be a drycleaners...but that was okay, we had a couple of jackets that needed to be drycleaned.

After getting directions from the cute little old Italian man in the drycleaners, we drove across the street and parked in the arena parking door to the ‘coin washers’. We lugged our 2 big laundry bags into the laundry facilities only to be very disappointed. Although the woman that was running the place was very friendly, the facility was run-down with half the washer displaying hand-written ‘’out of order’’ signs on them...and the ones that were working were very expensive. Basically the place was, in my opinion, rather seedy with old ill-maintained equipment. So we lugged our laundry bags back to the truck...I will do the laundry back at the campground...where it should have been done in the first place. I just thought it rather expensive...I was wrong!

It was just after 2:30 when Steve dropped me and the laundry bags off at the office as we entered the campground. I headed in to get started on the laundry while Steve continued onto our site and unloaded all the groceries from the truck. By the time I had the laundry finished, the sun was making brief appearances so we thought we would try to catch a ray or two and have happy hour outside. Besides, it’s a great way to meet new neighbours that were arriving all around us.

We spent considerable time talking with the neighbour who had pulled in right beside us. He and his wife are from Edmonton and had just rented out their house and were going to full-time RV. They had a big Class A motorhome and towed an SUV...I loved the license plate on his motorhome...’’FILL R UP’’.

It started to get a bit too chilly so we decided to head inside...where I turned on the laptop and continued working on postings to the blog. I am very disappointed with the reception we get with our Rogers Rocket Stick. It was taking forever to upload pictures to the blog so I thought I would try the free Wi-Fi offered here at the a difference! I think it’s time to think more seriously about satellite internet...speaking of which, the fellow next door gave us the name of a brand in the States to look into...Star Band.

Just before we were going to have dinner, Dave, the fellow Steve had met at the RV park in Winnipeg, called...he would drop by at 8:00 for a visit. He had initially offered to show us around but our timing for that during the work week doesn’t work with his schedule. Dave is retired but his wife still works, so he has a part time job driving a handicap van for physically and mentally challenged kids. He also coaches a girl’s hockey team that keeps him busy evenings and weekends. We had a nice visit with him over coffee. He gave us lots of information about the area...he had lived here all his life. Just after 10:00, we said our good-byes and he was off...sounds like we may get together tomorrow evening for dinner.

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