Friday, September 3, 2010 (Winnipeg, MB)

Sunshine this morning...YAY! But it was still very windy. We hung out in the trailer all morning waiting for Derek, the fellow from the GM dealership, to call. We would have to take the truck back in once the part had arrived. I did a couple of loads of laundry and worked on getting our blog updates posted while Steve watched TV. Derek called at about 11:30 to say the part had arrived—since it was so close to the lunch hour, we scheduled to have the truck there at 1:30.

After dropping the truck off we decided to walk to the mall that was down the road. Derek offered to have the shuttle drop us off but we declined—a walk in the sunshine would do us good! The shuttle could, however, pick us up when the truck was ready.

As we were walking, we came across a Costco. We had been discussing joining...mainly for the discount on the in we went. Once finished at the membership counter, we decided to take a wander through. Too bad we had done our grocery shopping yesterday. We just don’t have the storage room for the quantity of some of the grocery items they sell, but there are some things that we can definitely take advantage of.

Derek called just after 3:00 to say the truck was ready. We told him we were at Costco...he would send the shuttle to pick us up. Once back at the dealership, we took care of the paperwork. Thank goodness the cost was covered under was a $1200 bill! We only had to pay for having the wheels torqued.

We had neglected to do our exercises this morning...we both conveniently we decided we should get that out of the way as soon as we got home. I also put on a couple more loads of laundry. It was well after 5:30 by the time we decided to sit down for our pre-dinner drink. Although it was sunny out we decided that it was just too windy and a tad bit too cool to sit outside.

After dinner, I called Brian and Linda to confirm our plans for tomorrow. They are going to pick us up at 10:00 a.m. and take us to breakfast at his golf club then go to The Forks. We’re both looking forward to seeing a bit more of Winnipeg tomorrow!

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