Tuesday, April 7 to Tuesday, April 14, 2015 (Monck Provincial Park, Quilchena, BC)

Wow, another week has flown by...filled with lots of little chores, errands...and a lot of relaxing!

Late Tuesday morning we drove into Merritt to take care of some of those errands. It was a gorgeous morning and the lake was so flat...I never grow tired of these beautiful views of the lake!

After a stop at the post office to inquire about using general delivery for the small amount of mail we are expecting over the next few months, we headed over to A and W for the lunch (the highlight of our day according to Steve!).

Then it was my turn for a hair cut; truck insurance renewal; a little shopping at Walmart; propane tank fill...and we were back home just before 3:30. Oh...and would you believe that Steve broke another tooth...well, he thinks a filling came out. Wish we were back near Los Algodones, MX again!

We enjoyed happy hour outside at Sue and Doug's with Toni and Doug joining us...a great visit with everyone!

We woke Wednesday morning to clear skies and a chilly -3C/27F. I spent most of the day behind the laptop...doing odds and ends, like applying for CPP benefits since we both turn 60 this year. I also booked a car rental for the May 1 weekend that we will be spending with Chris and Angela in Vancouver before going over to Vancouver Island (we will be dropping the truck off at Gold Key in Langley for servicing).

Steve off-loaded the bicycles from the back of the trailer, cleaned them, pumped up the tires and then decided to ride his down to the boat launch and do a little fishing.

Thursday was another sunny beautiful day. Steve and Doug took the truck down to the boat launch and off-loaded the boat...and, of course, went out fishing...

Steve forgot his water bottle when he left so I thought I'd take it down to him...a great day for a walk in the sunshine!

The gatehouse and entrance into the park...

Steve's pictures from his afternoon out on the lake with Doug...

After my walk, I finished a few things around the trailer and then sat outside in the sunshine with Sue (we actually had shorts and t-shirts on!) crocheting and chatting.

The guys got back shortly after 4:00...skunked, and joined Sue and I for happy hour. I had christened my new crock pot with it's first meal and while I wouldn't normally invite friends to join us on a meal that I had never made before, I did just that. With the appropriate warning, I asked Sue and Doug if they would like to join us. The Cheesy Pasta and Beef Casserole wasn't too bad...whew!

Friday morning Sue and I went into Merritt to run a bunch of errands. While we were gone, Steve rode down to the lake to check on the boat. It was another beautiful, flat day out on the lake...

So Steve and Doug decided to go fishing. Steve would love to own that log house...

Doug caught a trout. Sorry Doug...Steve wasn't able to photo-shop it to make it look bigger, but at least you won a loonie :-)

It was about 1:30 when Sue and I got home. We both put our things away, vacuumed and then decided to go for a walk. We were just walking around loop 1 when we saw the truck driving back to the compound...the guys were back from fishing.

When we got back from our walk, the guys had a campfire going...nice! Time for a few games of "Red-Neck Golf" during happy hour! First time playing...thanks for the game, Red and Pam! Here are a few action shots!

Then it was time to relax by the fire. Doug making Tucker wait for his biscuit...

Ah...finally! Thanks, Dad!
 Tucker just knows I have another biscuit in my pocket...

Saturday was a windy, windy...windy day! It started off pretty sunny out but the wind brought in clouds later on. Even some rain, hail and snow mix.

Late morning, Steve took a bike ride down to check on his boat...

Doug and Steve decided to take a drive back up the road to a gravel road off Monck Road. Steve wanted to see if he could find a spot big enough to off-load the quads so they could go for a ride. Looks like they found a suitable spot...now let's see how the weather is over the next few days.

At 4:30, the four of us walked down to Doug and Toni's for happy hour...inside today due to the weather. It was a cold blustery afternoon! Left to right...Steve, Toni, Sue, Doug and Doug...

The windy night continued into the day Sunday...it was cold out and the wind made it even colder. We had received an email from friends, Ken and Charlene from Cochrane Alberta, saying they would be out our way at the end of May and would be coming for a visit. They wanted to reserve a site so Steve and I went for a walk around the campground to note best sites for them and take some pictures. We will just be getting back from Victoria, so will be busy with training (me in the gatehouse and Steve outside maintenance) but we're looking forward to seeing them. I'm sure we'll enjoy catching up around a campfire or two while they are here!

Monday was much warmer...the wind had died down so that made a big difference. After a walk around the campground, we sat outside chatting with Doug and Sue for a bit and then headed inside for lunch.

We spent a couple of hours inside...Steve reading while I took care of a few more chores...summarizing medical receipts for income tax, making a doctor's appointment (fun stuff like that...LOL).

Just after 4:00 Steve went outside and got a campfire going...we certainly have been enjoying our campfires here! A great way to enjoy our happy hours!

We were sitting with our coffee Tuesday morning, when teeny, tiny snow flakes started to come down...well, they got bigger and bigger. Soon we were in a full blown snow storm! Really??!

Tucker came over for a visit...don't know if he really liked this white stuff falling all around him...

Well, at least it didn't last long and by 10:00 there was no sign of snow...bits of blue sky and sunshine were even peaking through the clouds. But it was really a wacky weather day, with storm cells passing through...sunny one minute, cloudy, windy, snowing and hailing the next.

Sue and I headed into Merritt...laundry day, shopping and a few errands We were back around 2:00...and then a couple of hours later, the four of us were on our way back into Merritt. A couple of more errands...and dinner out at a local pub. We enjoyed a brew, a good meal along with good company at On Game Sports Bar and Grill.

This Marmot was waiting on the rocks beside the parking lot when we left...he certainly didn't seem afraid of us.

Tomorrow we start working...with rakes in hand, we'll be down in loop 1 clearing the campsites of all the pine needles. We're looking forward to finally "getting down to work"!

Unfortunately we are already down 1 worker and possibly another 2. The other day Gord rode his scooter out for a visit and wiped out in the compound breaking 2 ribs and cracking another. Doug and Toni have been sick...hopefully they feel better tomorrow!


  1. Just catching up on your travels... looks like you've landed in a wonderful spot for the summer!! Thanks for the Resource Post link...always good to have lots of options:o)) Don't work too hard;o))

  2. Bummer about Steve's tooth, things like that never happen when you are close to a dentist! The fishing looks relaxing and peaceful.

    It has been cool down near Salt Lake as well, wind, rain and snow the past couple of days!

  3. Nice to see what you've been up to while we've been sick.

  4. Great recap of your week ..great that you have such 'nice' neighbours!..and that Tucker is a beauty!!..work time is upon us!!