Thursday, September 23, 2010 (Elliot Lake, ON)

Rain...rain...and more rain...was the order of the day today. There was a rainfall warning issued for Elliot Lake and area today...and it just poured all day! Consequently we had a very quiet “inside” day.
I caught up on some email responses and worked on the blog. After getting so completely frustrated trying to upload pictures, I finally tried something that Chris had suggested awhile ago. By exporting out of Picasa and resizing them (smaller), they seem to upload much faster. That pleased me immensely and I was able to get the blog all up-to-date!

Steve fixed the clamps that hold the radios onto our helmets...and other than that, we both just hunkered down enjoying a quiet day cozy’d up in front of the fireplace (thank goodness we have electrical hook-up here)!

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