Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 26, 27 and 28, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Friends!
It was chilly when we woke up this morning...44F/7C outside and 52F/11C Steve fired up our new heater. It's comes with everything for either wall or floor mount, has dual pilots for propane or natural gas, built in fan with a fan switch for manual on/off or auto, ODS pilot for oxygen depletion sensing, electronic ignition, and the thermostat heat control automatically cycles the burner on and off.
So far it works great...glad we have it because the temps are supposed to dip down close to freezing overnight for the next few nights. The daytime highs are forecast to be hovering around the 60F/15C but nice and sunny.

Steve had a work day today, accomplishing lots...changed the oil on the generator, set up the additional solar lights we bought yesterday to mark our turf, wired up our new macerator pump, wired a 25' extension for our extra water pump so that he doesn't have to carry a battery around when filling our fresh water tank from 5 gallon jugs. He also incorporated a 12 volt cigarette type receptacle so that we don't have to power the water pump on Earl's poop mobile from the quad.

Late morning, we walked over to say goodbye to Rob and Peg. They are heading on an adventure down the Baja to Cabo San Lucas...with their fifth-wheel. Something we would love to do. All the best, guys...looking forward to hearing all about it!

I puttered around cleaning up inside and doing some stuff on the laptop. I also finally got out for a good walk...3 miles and 45 minutes....that felt good!

We also went across the road to visit Art and Jan and wish them Happy Thanksgiving. We had a nice chat with them and then returned home to relax for the rest of the afternoon...Steve even laid out in the sun for a bit.

We started our Friday off in our usual way, did our resistance exercises, had breakfast, showered...and finally, we were ready to head out on our quads. We were going to do a little geocaching but I had trouble downloading them onto my GPS. I'll have to work on that another time...for now, we're just going to go out for a ride.

We ended up heading towards Rainbow Acres and thought we'd pop in on Rich and Tedi. They were neighbours at La Posa but bought a spot in Rainbow Acres and had just moved over there this morning. They have a very nice 1/4 acre lot with hookups for 3 RV's, a metal garage and a shed...

We chatted with them as they showed us around...and then we continued on with our ride, leaving them to get squared away in their new digs.

We ended up taking a trail that led to these two old stone cabins. I never have been able to find out an 'official' name of what they once were...but they are up on a hill overlooking the Dome Rock BLM camping area.
 After that we, decided to head over to the old Erdman Mine...
There were a lot of campers there...not sure if they were actually mining or just gathering together for the Thanksgiving weekend.

 Parade of Toilets...
The thinker...
After that we went back to the stone cabins, carrying on past them through the hills back towards the LTVA.

We got home just after 2:00...very nice getting back out on the quads again! We had a bowl of soup and then Steve headed outside to figure out where to string up our new solar Christmas lights. I sat down at the laptop and went into our account on to see if I could figure out what the problem was with the 'pocket query' I had run. I created a query for all geocaches that we hadn't found in the area but when I downloaded the finished query, it showed all of the caches that we had already found. I started all over again, going through each step and discovered that when I preview the submitted query, the info is correct, however, once it is downloaded to 'EasyGPS' (the program I use to transfer the download to our GPS's), it shows all geocaches as unfound, even the ones I have found. This has never happened before so I don't know what's going on...I'll give it a rest, and try again tomorrow. I might have to ask Bob or Earl what I am doing wrong. Sheesh!

While I was working on the laptop, I did take a break and go out to help Steve. After tossing a few options around, we finally decided to put up the lights on the big Palo Verde tree near the road between Earl/Allison and Art/Jan's place.

Steve captured some shots of our sunset tonight...

Hard to see, but here are our Christmas lights...they almost look like they are in the shape of three Christmas trees...(ya, that was planned...LOL)...

We got up to a nice warm trailer Saturday morning...with the temp supposed to go down to 36F/2C last night, Steve decided to put the heater on a slightly higher setting. We close the bedroom door so it stays nice and cool with the windows open.

Steve took over my laptop first thing this morning while having coffee...he started by editing all of the pictures taken yesterday, and then continued on to respond to an email about our truck.

It was mid morning by the time we decided to bundle up and head out for a walk. We started out by stopping to say hi to Allan and Janet...they had moved over into Rich and Tedie's old spot after they pulled out yesterday. We spent quite a long time chatting with them and then decided we'd better continue our walk.

By the time we got home, it was noon...time for lunch and then onto some chores. Earl and Allison have been delayed leaving Canada so won't be down here for a while yet...hopefully before Christmas but likely not until shortly after. He has graciously allowed us the use of his "poop mobile" again this year...thanks again, guys! So we went across the road to his spot and "un-summerized" it...darn! Earl isn't going to see how neatly we had put it all back together last spring before heading north! He stores outdoor carpets and chairs with it all bundled up and tarped. The fun part for us last spring was trying to figure out how he had tied it all together. We got it all apart and neatly piled the carpets and chairs and wrapped them in the tarp, leaving them on the ground. Next, Steve emptied the bit of water/bleach left in the fresh water tank and then took it over to get fresh water to rinse it...there, it's all ready to use! He was going to dump our tanks and fill the fresh water but decided to leave it one more day.
It's all ready for you, Earl...we decided to keep it in the shade over at our place...

Next on the agenda...Steve drove into town to fill our drinking water containers, while I got started on this blog.
Once back, Steve started the next item on his "to do list" the underbelly of the trailer. A year ago last summer while at Peter Hope Lake, he had repaired it with Gorilla Tape. It held really well but was now starting to come apart. He wanted to get it fixed before we leave Wednesday...don't want an open spot for critters to get into our rig!

After I'd finished working on the blog, I put together a batch of muffins (Steve had been complaining that I hadn't done any baking for awhile)...and by the time I got them in the oven, it was time to sit outside with a bevie and enjoy the late afternoon sun as it headed down behind the mountains.

Sunday to Wednesday, November 22 to 25, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

The last few days since arriving back in Quartzsite haven't been very eventful. Mostly very lazy mornings and then getting a few things done around here.

Sunday, while draining the dishwater Steve heard water pouring beneath the trailer. Geez! RV Lifestyles left the grey water gate valve open. Steve closed the valve and noticed the valve was also leaking! They hadn't tightened the 4 bolts on the valve. So out came the tools and Steve crawled under the trailer to tightened them up. We can't believe the shoddy workmanship we've received from what we thought was a reputable company.

Later we put up the clothesline and Steve raked the rocks from under the awning so we could put the outdoor mat down. We also put up the sunscreen.

Our home and yard is all set up....

Monday, we headed into town to run a bunch of errands. We picked up a parcel at the post office (our camera that we had left at Rob and Angie's in early October...thanks for shipping it to us Rob!) and then continued onto Quiet Times to pick up more parcels...some solar Christmas lights and the macerator pump that Steve had ordered from Amazon.

After that, we stopped at Grandma's Heaters and Fireplaces. Steve had called Camco about repairing our Olympic Wave 8 heater we bought last winter. A mouse got into it and damaged the platinum pad making it unusable. Camco said they won't supply a replacement pad so we'd  have to ship the heater to them for repair. The pad is $84, $48.50 installation and $70 for shipping there and back for a total of $202.50 U.S. With the current exchange rate that works out to around $275 Canadian! Well that sucks. We paid over $300 for it and got less than a year out of it. Lesson learned. It's been a great heater but we had also learned that the platinum pad is susceptible to dust which is exactly what we have lots of in the deserts of the southern U.S. So it looks like we might just go ahead a buy a new one. We're looking at a Superior 20,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Gas Heater for $265.
Steve can't seem to find any reviews on it on the internet but Red and Pam had bought one last year while here, so I sent Pam a text to see how they liked it.

Next, we headed to the Arco station to fuel up with diesel...the best price yet...$2.24/gallon (that's about $0.59/litre). We also filled our gas containers...$2.16/gallon ($0.57/litre).

Our final stop was on E. Kuehn Street and the vendors area...not many here yet...

Steve had a few things to pick up at K/B Tools and then we stopped for a beer at Beer Belly's Adult Day Care. It's certainly not very busy here yet...but just wait until January!

Tuesday morning, after spending last evening researching propane heaters and then hearing back from Red and Pam that they like their heater, Steve decided to go ahead and get it. So late morning we headed back into town and picked it up.

Once home, Steve set about putting it together. While he was doing that, I did some banking. He had it together and the propane hooked up, but he couldn't get it to light. After a number of tries (and some choice words), he packed it back into the back of the truck and headed off to Grandma's Heaters and Fireplaces.

A little while later he was back. Apparently it takes quite awhile for the propane to get through on a new unit...anyway, it took them some time before they managed to get it going.

So, we're all set for the cold front that is supposed to be coming through. We are in for quite a drop in night-time temps...down to 36F/2C and daytime highs of 59F/15C to 63F/17C this week.

Wind and dust were the order of the day Wednesday. We were up just before 7, had our coffee and then decided to get our resistance exercises over with. It was shortly after 12 noon when we finally headed off in the truck to Parker,, where did that morning go to?!

We decided to make the trip to Walmart to pick up a bunch of stuff...most important on our list was a TracFone aircard. With all of the phone calls we've had to make...funeral arrangements and such, well, we were out of minutes. Normally, we don't use our TracFone all that much...usually just emergencies. Email, texts...Hangouts and our usual mode of correspondence.

The dust driving to and back from Parker was pretty thick...the mountains were just mere shadows in the distance!

Well, that brings us up-to-date...again...for now...

Thursday, November 12 to Saturday, November 21, 2015 (Travel to Victoria, BC and Back to Quartzsite, AZ)

Well, what can I say...the past 10 days just slipped by in a whirlwind! We were up early on the 12th...and with everything packed up (including our suitcase),we pulled out shortly after 8:30. We dropped the fifth-wheel off at RV Lifestyles to have the leak in our grey water pipe fixed, stopped at McDonald's for a quick breakfast and were soon on our way to Phoenix...

We arrived at La Quinta Inn Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Tempe at around 12:30. We were early on purpose...we wanted to ensure we found a spot to park the truck. Apparently it's NASCAR weekend and they were going to be very busy. We found a spot for Buster (well, 4 actually) and went in to see if a room was available since check-in wasn't until 3:00. No problem.

We chilled for a couple of hours in the room and then went next door to Denny's and split a sandwich...just a light lunch because we were going out for dinner with Deb and Ray. They had emailed to say they were in the area and asked if we wanted to meet for dinner...excellent!
On the way back from lunch, we stopped by the pool...why didn't we bring our swim suits? Sheesh! Steve decided to catch a few rays anyways...
Ray and Deb picked us up and we went to Four Peaks Brew Pub in Tempe for dinner. We had a great time catching up on our travels. Thanks so much, guys, it was wonderful seeing you! (Also, thanks for the picture!)
Friday (the 13th) we took the shuttle to the airport, checked in for our WestJet flight, went through security...and then waited for our 11:10 flight to Victoria. All went well and we arrived on time...actually about five minutes early. When we got through Customs and through the doors to the waiting room, we were greeted by Conner along with Angie carrying Bryce. Such a wonderful greeting!

After a stop in Sidney, we made it to the house. We no sooner got in when I got a text from Chris saying that he and Angela had made the 3:00 they will be here just before 5:00! Awesome, considering he didn't think that they'd be on a ferry until after 5:00 since Angela had to work until 4:00, but she managed to get off work early.

You'll have to excuse the quality of some of the photos. Because we couldn't get our camera from the post office before leaving Quartzsite....I only had my finicky phone camera.

Bryce trying out his new jolly-jumper...I think he liked it! That's Conner in the background.
Chris and Angela arrived....and just a few minutes later, Rob arrived home from work. We had a quick dinner and then Steve and I drove back to the airport to pick up his uncle and aunt...Gord and Esther were arriving from Edmonton, Alberta. Uncle Gord is a retired Minister who will be performing the funeral service for Steve's dad tomorrow.

Steve's dad had suffered from chronic pain for many years and has had no quality of life since his wife Barbara passed in 2006, so his passing is really a blessing. If there is a positive to the passing of a loved one, like a wedding, it brings family and friends together.

Saturday, family and friends gathered at First Memorial Funeral Services in Royal Oak (on the outskirts of Victoria) for a noon service. As usual, Uncle Gord did an awesome job. Steve's nephew, Matthew, read a favourite was very emotional for him. That's Uncle Gord and Conner in the background...
After the service, we all went next door to Royal Oak Burial Park where Steve Senior was laid to rest beside his beloved wife, Barbara. Pall bearers were Dave (Steve's brother). Chris and Rob (our sons), Mike (Steve's sister's husband), Matthew and Steve...

The ladies in the family...Amanda and Nadine (Steve's niece and sister), Cheryl (cousin) and her daughter, Nicole, Bev (cousin); and back row...Esther (aunt), me, Glenna (cousin), Kerry (Dave's finance), and Angela (Chris' wife)
Rob with Conner...saying goodbye to Great-Grandpa...
Angie with Conner...helping him spread sand on the casket...
Rob and Angie offered up their place for a gathering after the service. Great having family together.
We had platters of sandwiches, wraps and veggies...
...along with cheeses, crackers...and all sorts of "goodies"...
People in the family room....
...and people in the living/dining room...
And then the cousins from Vancouver left to catch the very good seeing you...thanks for coming over to the island!
Before bedtime, Conner wanted to show us his Halloween costume he wore (or should I say, one of them)...He made such a cute (Orca) Killer Whale!
Sunday was a pretty quiet day...spending time with close family. Chris and Angela went into Sidney for a bit while Uncle Gord, Aunt Esther, Steve and I went for a walk in the neighbourhood. It felt good to get out for some fresh was a beautiful, but chilly day.

Angie cooked a lovely roast beef dinner...complete with roasted potatoes and quinoa salad. Delicious, Angie...thanks so much!
Bryce, Rob, me, Esther, Gordon, Angie and Conner...
 Bryce (hard to believe he is 6 months old already) and Rob...
Monday morning we went to the Spitfire Grill for breakfast. Conner came with us (Steve, Gordon, Esther and me) and Angie followed about a half hour later after Bryce woke up from a snooze. Conner was in his glory...the restaurant is right next to the runway at the Victoria International Airport and he LOVES airplanes. He was so excited watching the planes take off!
Here is Uncle Gord holding Bryce...
That afternoon, we met with Dave and Kerry (from Manitoba and staying at Mike and Nadine's place), Nadine and Matthew...and we all went out to Goldstream Park to watch the annual Salmon Run. It was a very cool, damp, rainy day...

 Steve, Esther, Nadine, me, Kerry, Dave, Matthew and Gordon...

 Nadine and Uncle Gord...

 Kerry and Dave...
 Matthew and me...

After a great walk, albeit in the rain, we all went back to Nadine and Mike's to warm up...and have dinner. Dave, Kerry, Matthew, Nadine, Mike, Esther, Gordon and me...
A lovely dinner...thanks so much Nadine and Mike! On our way home, we dropped Matthew off at his condo and he took us in for a tour...very nice, Matt!

Tuesday morning, Steve drove Uncle Gord and Aunt Esther to the airport for their flight back to Edmonton. So very good seeing you both...looking forward to spending more time with you in a couple of weeks when we meet again in Cabo San Lucas.

Steve and I babysat Bryce while Angie dropped Conner off at playschool and then went to her exercise class. Poor Brycey is teething and feeling a little off sorts. I was having a hard time trying to get him to sleep...when Steve said he'd give Gramma a break. Well, he had him for just a few minutes when I looked over at them...Bryce was sound asleep (Steve was feeling a little smug about that!)
That afternoon, all three kids (Steve, Nadine and Dave), along with their spouses (me, Mike and Kerry), met with Steve Senior's Financial Adviser to sign a mountain of paperwork.

Dave and Kerry came out that evening to stay a few nights and spend time with us and Rob, Angie and the kids. We enjoyed a big feast of Chinese food that we ordered in.

Wednesday we had a relaxing morning and then Dave, Kerry, Steve and I went into Sidney for a short walk along the waterfront. After that we headed to Brentwood Pub in the Brentwood Bay Resort and Spa...lunch time!

We stopped out at Mike and Nadine's for a moment, and then on our way home we picked up flowers and went to the for Steve's mom and dad, and mine.

That evening Rob and Angie went out on a date leaving the four of us to babysit. They had a lovely time...and a wonderful dinner; and were home in time to put the boys to bed.

Thursday...and our last day in Victoria. Wow, what a whirlwind week this has been!
Steve called RV Lifestyles to see how they made out with our repairs. It was done and RVZZ in Utah paid the bill. Sweet!

It was mid afternoon when Dave, Kerry, Steve and I headed up to Mill Bay...about 40 miles north of Victoria. We are going to visit dear friends of Steve and Dave's parents...Doreen and Gerry O'Neil. They also invited us for dinner. It was a wonderful few hours of chatting and reminiscing about the fun times the two families had.
Left to, Dave, Kerry, Kevin, Denene, Doreen and Gerry (Denene is one of Doreen and Gerry's daughter's...Kevin is Denene's husband).

It was after 8:30 when we decided it was time to head off...we had an hour's drive back to Rob and Angie's. Such a wonderful great connecting with you again, Doreen and Gerry!

Friday morning we gathered our things and got all packed up. Angie had been out for the morning with the kids and got home just in time to drive us to the airport. Our flight back to Phoenix was on time, taking off at 2:45. We landed about five minutes early and after going through Customs and getting our luggage, we called the hotel for a shuttle pickup.

After getting settled, we went next door to Denny's for a late dinner...and then settled in for the rest of the evening watching TV.

Saturday morning we were packed up and on the road heading towards Quartzsite before 9:00. We made a quick stop at Walmart in Buckeye...and at a rest area where we saw this cool desert buggy...

....and arrived at RV Lifestyles to pick up our fifth-wheel shortly after noon.

After backing up in front of the trailer in prep for hitching up, Steve went to check the repair job. What he saw when he looked at the underbelly behind the wheels made him fuming mad. They had left it wide open...totally exposed. He stomped off to talk to the owner. A short while later they came out...the owner looked at it and said that he had no tech working right now to finish the work, so we would have to come back Monday. Well, Steve lost it! They had 6 days to complete the repair. To make a long story short...a tech 'happened' to come on and he fixed the hole in the underbelly of the trailer.

The trailer was fixed within the hour and after hitching up, we headed off...our next stop was Love's Tire Shop to see if Victor had found the right valve stem for the trailer tire. No luck there...Victor was off today and no one else knew anything about it. Oh well...that can wait.

Finally...La Posa South! We dumped the tanks, filled up with water and headed to our spot on the desert! Steve had marked where we had the trailer set up before so it wasn't hard ensuring we were situated east-west. We leveled off, got unhitched...and set up; so good to be back!
Enjoying the late afternoon sun with a bevy...