Tuesday, August 31, 2010 (Riding Mountain National Park, MB)

Well I think they were a day behind on their weather forecast...it was cold, wet and windy out when we got up this morning. It had rained heavily throughout the night. After a couple of cups of coffee and peering out the window for any break at all, we determined that that just wasn`t going to happen anytime soon. So we decided to stay put for one more day. No matter what the weather is doing tomorrow, though...we will be heading to Winnipeg.

Now if I`d just had a better internet connection this could have been a very productive day. I have over 3 weeks of blog entries that need to be posted. I did start going through all of our pictures putting captions to them. It`s funny how you think you will never forget where that picture was taken...haha..we know better; especially with our "retirement brains"!

Just after 1:00 p.m. I decided I had to get out, so all bundled up, complete with jeans, sweatshirt and hooded raincoat, I headed off into town. Steve was happily sitting in his recliner, in front of the fireplace, watching the military channel on the TV.

It was very windy and as I got closer to town I could hear chainsaws buzzing away. There are a lot of tall trees in the park and picnic area by the lake that had obviously succumbed to the high winds. I stopped at the White House Bakery and Restaurant where I found lots of others enjoying a break from the outside weather. After coffee and a muffin, I continued down to the lakefront. By this time the rain had stopped and the clouds were actually starting to break up a bit. Come on, wind...blow the clouds away!

By the time I got back to the trailer, the sun was starting to show through the occasional break in the clouds but it was sure chilly with that wind. So it was back into our cozy home to sit in front of the fireplace!

Steve finally went outside to empty our tanks in preparation for travelling tomorrow. He did a walk around the truck and discovered that the driver’s side and all tires and wheels were heavily splattered with dirt from the rain. Sheesh!

And that was basically our day. We did go out for a walk around the campground after dinner but were soon back inside in front of the fireplace watching TV...thank goodness for satellite dishes!

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