Friday, September 24, 2010 (Elliot Lake, ON)

There was a rain warning issued for the area again today...with wind as well. Tonight we heard on the news that the area had a record 91.8 mm of rain and winds 72 kph...with even stronger gusts.

Our main objective for today was laundry so it was noon when we loaded the bags into the truck and headed to the “coin wash” as indicated on the visitor’s map. What a dive! Half the machines didn’t work and those that did only took quarters...$3.50...that’s 14 quarters! And there was no change machine so I had to canvass the neighbouring businesses for change. That is when one lady commented that that Laundromat is not maintained...there’s a new one up the hill, you know... Sheesh! But at that point it was too late because we already had one load on...I was just hunting down enough quarters to put the other 3 on!! Believe me, had I known we had options, we would have moved on to the next Laundromat!

A couple of hours later, we were finished and off to do our next errand...pick up milk, bread, etc at the grocery store. Then onto Rona—Steve had noticed a bolt missing from the boat loader and wanted to pick up a replacement. Obviously the last fellows working on the truck had not secured the bolt after the service on the engine.  Once that was all taken care of, we headed home.

By this time it was really, really windy and the wind gusts were actually moving the staked-down tripod that the satellite dish is on...and of course, disrupting our satellite signal! So Steve had to grab some rope and more stakes and try to secure it before the wind knocked it right over. That accomplished, and with a little tweaking, we had our signal back.

Needless to say, we spend the rest of the afternoon and evening front of the fireplace, watching TV. We are going on the Fall Colours Ride with the Elliot Lake ATV Club tomorrow...sure hope the weather improves!

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