Saturday, October 7 to Tuesday, October 17, 2023 (Puntledge RV Park, Courtenay)

Our week started off pretty routine...just the usual powerwalks in the morning, followed by various chores around the trailer. The weather Saturday (Oct. 7) and Sunday (Oct. 8) was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately our run of gorgeous weather is coming to an end on Thanksgiving Day, with rain in the forecast. 

As predicted, we woke to rain Monday (Oct. 9) morning...and had rain on our drive all of the way down to Rob and Angie's. We are going down to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner...and spend a couple of nights.

Bryce has really gotten into artwork and drew a picture for me. Later he did one for Grampa too, but I didn't get a picture. Good job Bryce!
Thanksgiving nice to spend it with them! Thanks for a delicious meal, Angie and Rob!

Tuesday (Oct. 10) morning and more rain! We had a very lazy start and then went out to run an errand and go out for lunch. We chose The Stonehouse Pub located at Canoe Cove Marina, very close to the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal. As it happens, Canoe Cove Marina is where my family purchased and worked a small cafe and store when we moved out from Edmonton, Alberta in the spring of 1967...I was 12 years old. We actually lived in a cottage on one side of the marina...and I used to walk up the hill and cross the highway to catch the school bus. Of course, that was years ago before the ferry terminal expanded and a huge interchange was added. Things have changed a lot at Canoe Cove Marina over the last 56 years!

The Stonehouse Pub is located on the hillside above the marina in an English-style manor built in the 1930s as a family home by Hugh Rodd, a British immigrant. The house was made from locally quarried stones and boasted features typical of the era such as decorative leaded windows, fir floors and hand-hewed beams – which can still be admired to this day. Originally named “The Landing”, Rodd’s home was transformed to the Stonehouse Pub in 1985 and quickly became a favorite spot for Swartz Bay ferry travellers, and residents of the greater Victoria area.

When I lived at Canoe Cove, there was another family who owned and lived in the house...that part seems to have been skipped over in the website description of the Stonehouse Pub.

A  very cool secluded setting...
Great outdoor patio when the weather permits...

After lunch we drove into Sidney hoping to walk along the waterfront but even though the rain had  stopped, it was very blustery. So we ended up going back to the house and going for a walk on the forest trails in the neighbourhood.

Lots of woodpecker holes in a burned out, but still alive cedar tree. Somebody placed a baseball with a smiley face into one of the holes...
No wind in the forest...
We walked the opposite direction than what we normally do...which involved a lot more uphill. Our normal daily powerwalks are on level ground so this was a great workout!
Wednesday (Oct. 11) morning we were packed up and were on the road just after 9:30. We stopped for a visit with our friends, Jim and Nan, in Cowichan Bay...great seeing them! Of course, the guys talked about their upcoming hunting trip.

After a stop for a quick lunch, we were home around 3:00, unpacked...and got out for a walk around the campground.

Thursday (Oct. 12) we woke up to thick fog and it stayed around until about noon. Steve and I both had appointments to have our influenza shots late this morning. We aren't due for our COVID vaccination until November 3 (6 months from our last one) but since it was only a couple of weeks away, he gave it to us too...sweet!

With the fog lifting, we went for our powerwalk after lunch. These guys were out for a paddle...
Friday (Oct. 13) morning it was super foggy again...
But we decided to get out for our walk anyway...come on, smile Dianne! LOL
Unlike yesterday, after the fog lifted in the afternoon, we didn't have much in the way of sunshine... basically cloudy and cool all day.

We sold my quad today! Shelly and her son came to take a look at it and bought it! The only issue we had was the length of time it took her (and her husband's) bank to e-transfer the funds to us. A good couple of hours...but once we had the money in our account, Steve loaded my quad into the back of her truck and they were off. Yay! Now, if we can just get Buster sold!
Saturday (Oct. 14) and another foggy start to the day...again, it didn't clear until around noon. 

A rock tribute band we saw last June at the Gladstone Brewery is playing at Matches Eatery and Public House (attached to Chances Casino) tonight. We started off making a quick donation to the casino before our dinner reservation. 😏😏 'Shotgun Kelly' is great and I've been watching her FB page to see when they would be playing in Courtenay again. So I made dinner reservations for a table for 2 close to the stage.  As the band was setting up, Kelly came over to chat with us. Between sets her bass player Chris spent his break talking with us too...
This gal dancing is wearing a knife on her head (Halloween costume, I presume?). It was quite comical watching her dance as she would vibrate her booty and then make jerking motions as she slid her hands up and down her hips. Steve thought she was going to dislocate something! 😂
The place was hopping. They played from 8:00 until 11:00 with 2 breaks...and we stayed until the bitter end! A great evening out and way past our bedtime!

Sunday (Oct. 15) morning we did something that has been on Steve's radar for awhile now, and we just haven't gotten there yet...tour the Puntledge River Hatchery. 

The Puntledge River was once renowned by sports fishermen for its two vigorous races of chinook salmon. The Puntledge River Hatchery boasted both summer and fall runs of these majestic salmon as well as significant numbers of other salmon species and steelhead trout. The hatchery was constructed to save these chinook from extinction and to rebuild other species to healthy levels. Most recently, strong Puntledge River chum returns have attracted large numbers of recreational fishers from across Vancouver Island.

We started the self-guided tour by watching a video in the visitors centre that explained various stages of the fish hatchery...then we went back outside and followed the painted fish on the pavement that led us on the tour...

I've reversed the order of the photos because the tour starts at the resting/holding pools instead of these fish ladders. The river is dammed here forcing the fish into the fish ladder intake...
After zigzagging their way up thru the fish ladder they reach this small resting pool before making their final jump into the holding pools. They will be held here until its time to harvest their eggs and milt for fertilization...
This is where the self guided tour started at the resting/holding pools...
Then you walk below to the viewing room...

Steve put together a 2:43 minute video of the fish leaping the last fish ladder and the viewing room...
The tour ends as you pass by a variety of tanks used at different stages of growth...

The truck is used to transport fish to lakes and rivers...
It was a very interesting tour, especially watching the salmon trying to get up the ladders. Wow, what they go through! Amazing!

We finished our morning by going for our usual powerwalk at the Airpark/Riverway...where Steve noticed these huge mushrooms...
The predicted rain arrived Monday (Oct. 16)...a number of "atmospheric rivers" with a lot of rain and wind over the next few days. It just poured!

Our galley holding tank is leaking and of course, this morning is the day the mobile RV fellow is coming. He arrived just after the pouring rain. Luckily it wasn't windy, so we could have the awning down...that way Steve and James could at least stay dry while chatting about the issue we are having. He removed a section of the underbelly then had us run water into the empty tank for awhile. No leak was detected but he did notice an old water stain on the side of the tank coming from the top. He then wanted to inspect the galley drain pipe under the kitchen counter which required removing our useless built in vacuum (that we don't use) from the counter cupboard. He couldn't detect anything there so suspects the tank is leaking from the top of the tank. James said the next step would be to remove the tank. Well that's certainly going to be a much bigger job!$$ Steve decided that since we aren't mobile now he can just empty the tank more often. James said to keep an eye on it then and if we decide to have the tank removed he would return.

An actual "Rainfall Warning" has been issued for Tuesday and Wednesday...along with strong winds. looks like we are going to have a very wet, stormy drive down island tomorrow. Steve and our son, Rob, are going hunting on Saturday for a week, along with Steve's buddy, Jim. Rob and Jim always go hunting every October, so it's nice Steve is able to join them this year. We're heading down a couple of days early to get grocery shopping and food prepared...I volunteered to take care of that for them 😀. 

So when the guys leave bright and early Saturday morning, I'll be on the 8:00 a.m ferry over to Vancouver to spend a few days with Chris, Angela and Isaac...and connect with a good friend. Looking forward to it!

That's it for now...

Thursday, September 28 to Friday, October 6, 2023 (Puntledge RV Park, Courtenay, BC)

Another week has flown by with not much new and exciting happening...pretty routine around here. We've had a mix of beautiful, sunny, warm well as badly needed rain. Fall is definitely in the air!

Earl and Allison came over for dinner Friday (Sept. 29) and we played Rummikub afterwards...seems to me that Earl was the main winner of the night, although Steve and I managed one each. Nada for Allison, surprisingly!
Saturday (Sept.30) was an absolutely spectacular day! Lots of clear blue sky and sunshine which had the airpark very busy! Our morning walk took considerably longer as we stopped numerous times to watch small planes take off and land. Everyone was getting their flights in on this gorgeous day!
Checking out the waterfowl at the lagoon salt marsh... 

This part of the path is at one end of the the plane was coming in, it felt like it was going to land on top of us!

Sunday (Oct. 1) was another sunny day but a bit cooler than yesterday. We had morning video calls  with both of our sons and their families, and then headed out for our daily walk.

Afterwards, Steve went shopping for another electric heater so we'd have 2 to help us get through the winter. We only like to run the furnace when it gets very cold and there is a threat of frozen pipes. He also came home with a new winter jacket. While he was doing his shopping, I did laundry.

Steve here: I took a walk down to the bridge to check out the fishers at the river. It's a busy place these days...
Combat fishing!
This is the sandbar I've fished from. Every fish I saw caught was snagged. 
We had a "blip" in the weather Monday (Oct. 2)...waking to rain. And it rained steadily all day until around dinner time. Needless to say, we had an inside day.

Just before 4:30, I received a text from our neighbour, Maureen...are you still up for happy hour? Well, of course! We enjoyed beverages and great conversation...and then the next thing I knew, Maureen was taking over my kitchen! She had all the fixings ready for chicken quesadillas, so quickly went home, gathered them all and made us dinner...sweet! 
Steve was showing Gerry some pictures of our travels to Bryce Canyon and Goosenecks State Park...
Delicious, thanks Maureen!
What a great evening! They are leaving on Wednesday, so it was wonderful getting together with them before they left. They are remaining in the area, though, going into an Airbnb for a few months, so I'm sure we will see them again before they leave the area and start working their way back to Newfoundland (Maureen is a travelling nurse). If we eventually make it to Newfoundland, which is on our bucket list, we'll have tour guides! 👍👍

Back to some sunshine Tuesday (Oct. 3)...which was a good thing so Steve could get the boat loader out of Earl and Allison's yard and back onto the truck. We had planned on doing that yesterday but that was a bust with the rain.
Help from Earl's neighbours was really appreciated! Earl, Richard and Steve...Len also came to lend a hand. We had disassembled it to store it so it had to be reassembled.
Steve bolting it down. Thanks so much Earl for storing it for us and arranging help from your neighbours! 
Back home, Steve spent the afternoon washing the truck...while I tried, with no luck, to get our printer connected wirelessly to the internet. No idea why I'm having trouble now...I had it connected to Steve's old phone.

Wednesday (Oct. 4) morning we thought we would go to Nymph Falls for our walk. Lots more water rushing down the Puntledge River but still no fish trying to make their way up the fish ladders...

Steve removed the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and sensors that we'll keep, then checked the air pressure on all the tires.
He finished off the afternoon by washing the car.

Again, the last couple of days were pretty routine. The weather has been good, allowing us to get out for our daily powerwalks...other than that, just the usual.

Friday (Oct. 6) and an absolutely gorgeous morning! Steve captured this picture of our site nestled against the beautiful fall colours. Gerry and Maureen left their site on Wednesday.
We had a pretty routine day...sitting outside for the most part. I picked up a few groceries since we are planning a campfire and hot dog roast tonight...and needed buns.

It's funny that after being retired for almost 13 1/2 years we still enjoy celebrating Friday nights...especially now that we try not to imbibe during the week any longer. Today we were looking forward to our happy hour around the campfire...our first REAL campfire since we arrived here in April. The campfire ban finally ended last week. A few old pieces of wood had been left in our firepit, so that along with the firewood that Gerry and Maureen had left behind was just enough for a great fire. Thanks, guys!
The leafs get more and more vibrant each day...
Steve cooking us dinner 👍
The view from the top of the bank where we normally see the deer,,,

And that's it for now. This is our Thanksgiving Long Weekend...looking forward to heading down island to Rob and Angie's on Thanksgiving Day (Monday) to celebrate!