Tuesday, September 7, 2010 (Winnipeg, MB)

There was sunshine when I got up this morning but it quickly disappeared as the clouds rolled in. We had our usual slow start to the day...we were finally ready to head out just after 10:30. We were going to the passport office to renew our passports and to see what options were available for picking them up. We found out that there really weren`t any...we could hang around here for another 2 weeks...or we could take that chance that Rob would be home when they were delivered so that he could sign for them, but she said if he wasn`t and he had to go to the post office to pick them up that it is quite likely they would not let him sign for them. Our current passports don’t expire until January, so she suggested rather than renew them now, do it when we are back home in December. They have an express service that would ensure we would get them back before we left. So that is what we will do.

Serena (our very helpful GPS voice) helped us find our way out of the downtown area and back to Regent Avenue where Canada One RV Sales and Service are located. The "flap" on the outside vent for the stove-top fan had disappeared so Steve wanted to see if we would be able to just buy the part rather than have to replace the whole vent. By the way, the flap on the vent is something that you close when in transit and open once parked so that the fan will vent properly. We found out that the whole outside vent would have to be replaced and not being exactly sure which size to get, we left it for another day...it`s not critical...duck tape will work in the meantime.

Canada One RV has 200 RV’S inside a huge showroom so we decided to see if we could find any Montana 5th Wheels like ours...and low and behold, we found one identical but a 2011 model. It was exactly the same except for a few things...the dinette chairs were a different colour; the TV was a Samsung, not a Sony like ours; the shower door opened from the other side and the toilet was different...oh, and the counter-top was slightly different.

It was after 12:00 noon when we finished snooping around the RV place so we decided to use another gift card and go out for lunch...we chose Kelsey’s this time. We had top-notch service and a great meal...we were very impressed.

Our next stop was Shoppers Drug Mart where I picked up some stamps and mailed a couple of envelopes and a postcard. I had to pay for prescription refill and submit the receipt to Pacific Blue Cross...a bit of a pain when you are used to just having it go through directly. Oh well...we are out-of-province.

Replacement light bulbs for some burnt out lights on the trailer was the next item on our list, so Canadian Tire was our next stop. Needless to say, we came out with much more than just the light bulbs!

Okay, let`s find the Flying J, fuel up and then we can go home. The Flying J that we went to was an old one and get this...didn`t accept Visa...or at least that is the only explanation the fellow there could give us since it wouldn`t take ours. Fine! We’ll go spend $200 somewhere else then! Since we still had some Esso gift cards left, we decided to use them so we headed to the nearest Esso. Poor Serena directed us to what is now a Montana’s Restaurant...hmmm...guess there used to be a gas station there at one time. But she was successful in finding the next location.

Once home, we loaded the boat back onto the truck and Steve flushed the tanks in preparation for our departure tomorrow. We had neglected to do our exercises this morning so we both went through our routines...I did the fast-track version...so I could get a couple of loads of laundry on (good excuse, eh?)

After barbequed burgers for dinner, I continued working on the blog postings while Steve watched TV. I finally got the blog all up-to-date...yeah!

We’re leaving Winnipeg tomorrow, continuing our journey east. We really enjoyed our stay here...particularly, our visits with the Connelly’s!

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