Thursday, September 2, 2010 (Winnipeg, MB)

We woke to dark, heavy low clouds this wasn’t pouring out but it sure looked like it could any minute. The truck was scheduled to be at the GM dealer at 10:00 a.m. so there was not too much dilly-dallying around for us this morning.
There had been so much rain last night that the grass here in the RV park was just full of big puddles of water...making it interesting trying to walk to the truck. You have to try to stick as close to the narrow gravel pad that the trailer and truck are parked on. So much water!

We easily found our way to Vikar GM in plenty of time for our appointment. After checking in and getting all the paperwork done with a really nice fellow, Derek, we waited in the customer lounge for the courtesy shuttle. Derek had suggested we go to the St. Vital was much nicer than the one just down the street.

Once at the mall, our first order of business was to find a salon for Steve to get his hair cut. Most salons are ``too girlie`` for him but we found one, Ultracuts, that was more to his liking. While he was having his hair cut, I went to The Bay and picked up a gift certificate as a wedding gift for Claire and Sandy who had just gotten married in July. After meeting up with Steve, we went to Black’s Photography and had our passport pictures taken. Have you ever tried to not smile while you are posing for a picture? While trying to maintain a neutral face, you end up looking like a dour grumpy criminal! Needless to say, my picture is pretty bad!

It was around 1:00 when we decided we had had enough wandering around the mall and decided to go for lunch. Steve had received some gift cards for various restaurants as retirement gifts and one was for Montana’s and there happened to be a Montana’s outside as you entered the parking lot. So that is where we headed. Just as our lunch was being served, Derek called with good news and bad news. The good news was that the transmission did not have enough miles on it yet to require a servicing and the bad news was that the reason the service engine light was coming on was that the valve that controlled the EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) needed to be replaced—which we already knew—but they did not have the part. It had been ordered and would not be in until sometime tomorrow morning. So that meant taking the truck back in tomorrow...sheesh! He did try to get us a courtesy car so we could just leave the truck there but they were all taken....not even a Camero for us to use!

It was almost 3:00 by the time we had picked up the truck and were back at St. Vital Centre to do our grocery shopping at Safeway. And almost 5:30 by the time we were back home unloading the groceries...oh yeah, we had also made a stop at the liquor store—another private store that has airmiles...gotta like it! While I was putting the groceries away, Steve was out trying to align the satellite dish since we had lost the signal due to the high winds. We no sooner found the signal and it was out again...this time a gust of wind had blown the satellite dish right over!! Well, we`ll just leave it down until tomorrow; hopefully the wind will have died down by then.

Linda called just after 6:00 to say she was on her way to pick us up...boy, are we spoiled! Chauffeur driven to dinner and home tonight! Thanks so much, Linda and Brian! We had a wonderful evening with the whole Connelly family...even Angie and Rob who joined us later in the evening via Skype video call. Great dinner...great company...great evening!

Brian with his 2 grandkids, Cruz and Stella....

Stella with Uncle Brian (Jr.)...
Claire, Sandy and Cruz...

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