Thursday, December 15, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

We were up and on our way to Camping World in Mesa shortly before 8:30 this morning...with the 5th wheel in-tow.  It was a beautiful sunny the blue sky and sunshine!

After pulling into the big service area, we headed inside to talk to the service people about the problem we are having when trying to run the microwave while using the generator.  Since the microwave is brand new, and we had immediately tested it out with the same result we then knew it wasn’t the old microwave causing the problem. So we figured the issue had to be either with the generator or with the inverter or surge protector that we had installed at Camping World in Burlington, Washington back in June, 2010...good thing we had purchased extended warranty!
With all the paperwork complete, we headed back out to the rig with the service fellow.  Steve hauled out the generator and got it all connected while the service fellow went to get one of the technicians.  Okay...we’re ready to demonstrate...I put a bowl of water in the microwave and turned it on.  And guess what happened?  Everything worked perfectly!  The ultimate in “Murphy’s Law”!  Steve and I just could not believe it!  We even tried it again...the generator accepted the heavier load of the microwave...just the way it is supposed to.  SHEESH!  Steve decided to leave the generator with them to have it serviced anyway...
After we were finished at Camping World, we headed across the street to Traders RV where we had had the seal on the toilet replaced (and all the other work done)...the toilet was still having problems hold water.  They technician came out and made some adjustments on the foot-peddle and made sure the seal was clean...hopefully that will work.
The recent rainstorms we have had produced lots of snow in the mountains so I took some pictures from the truck on our way back to the campground...
I took this picture when we were stopped at the intersection where we turn right to go to the RV resort...Steve thought it was a good picture of the traffic lights (haha!)...

We were back home shortly after noon...that worked out very well because I still had some laundry to do before packing our suitcases.  So after lunch, off I went to the laundry room while Steve took advantage of the sunshine and relaxed in his lounge chair outside.
Once the laundry was all done, we pulled out what we wanted to take to Victoria and I started packing the suitcases...we are both really looking forward to heading home tomorrow!  I was just back last fall but Steve hasn’t been back since last June.  We are both soooo looking forward to spending the Holiday Season with our family and friends!
Our flight tomorrow is direct from Phoenix to Victoria with Westjet...a 3 hour trip.  A real treat being direct...something that doesn’t happen often when flying in/out of Victoria.
So, we will “sign off” now...for 2 weeks as we enjoy the Christmas Season back home.  We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

The rain had finally stopped...there were still lots of clouds out there this morning but there were breaks in them...come on sunshine, you can do it!!

We decided to go to the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa today.  We headed off at about 10:30 and wouldn’t you know it, we ran into some rain....20% chance of much for our clean truck!

The rain was brief and it was sunny as we pulled into the parking lot of the museum.  The entrance was nicely decorated for the Season (I’m still having trouble believing it is the middle of December!!).

B29 Bomber propeller(type of bomber that dropped the nuclear bombs on Japan) outside museum entrance
We paid the $10 each entrance fee and entered the huge hangar and were met by an older fellow who asked if we would like a tour or prefer to go through the museum by ourselves. A tour is always better as far as we are concerned, so we took him up on his offer.

Frank is one of the many volunteers at the museum and is very knowledgeable on all the planes and displays.  He told us that Falcon Field was used to train British and Commonwealth pilots during WWII.

P51 Mustang
F4U Corsair
 F4 Phantom
 T6 returning with a paying customer $325.00 for 30 minutes

B25 Mitchel Bomber (type that took off from the USS Hornet aircraft carrier to be the first to bomb Japan....Doolittle Raid)
B17 Flying Fortress Bomber
Many of these planes are still flown and you can catch a ride on some of them. The cost for a 40-45 minute ride on the B17 is $425 per person or $850 for the nose section.

Dianne entering the B17...bombadier sits to her left in the nose...cockpit is above and to her left...very tight spaces.

If you would like to see our all our pictures, check out our web album...Commemorative Air Force Museum, Mesa, AZ
It was going on to 2:00 by the time we left the, that was a fast 3 hours!  We wanted to check out another Regional Park to see what the campground was like.  Usery Mountain Regional Park is just east of Mesa...not that far from where we off we went.
Another very nice campground...large sites, well spaced and like McDowell Mountain, included water and power for $25/night.  We have found another spot we would love to spend some time at...lots and lots of hiking trails as well...bonus!
We arrived back home around 4:00.  After dinner we went for a walk around the campground to take picture of the RVs lit up with Christmas lights.  There are only a couple...which really surprised us.  Last year when we were in Florida, there were tons of RVs all decorated.

Tomorrow morning we have to pack up the trailer (again) and head to Camping World so they can check our power equipment and/or generator and try to determine why the microwave will not run on the generator.

Monday and Tuesday, December 12 & 13, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

Well, the forecast wasn’t wrong...rain, rain...and then more rain!  The average rainfall in the Phoenix area for December is one inch...well, I think it all fell in the last two days!

Consequently, we stayed hunkered down inside.  We managed to get out for a good walk yesterday during a break in the weather but today when we went out, it started to rain again, so we had a very short...yet fast...walk.
Today I decided that I would take the opportunity to work on our budget.  For the past 18 months I have been using an excel spreadsheet that I cobbled together.  I wasn’t happy with it and it was just too cumbersome...had I been still “working” I would have taken the time to make it more user friendly but no time for that in our new lifestyle!  So I downloaded one from a website that we have been following for years... RV-DreamsHoward Payne and his website have been excellent sources of RV information for many years leading up to our Full-Time RV lifestyle.  It was a pleasure to meet him and his wife, Linda last January when we were in Tampa, Florida.  As one of their “RV Dreamers”, we hope to join in on a rally when they schedule one for the western States next fall.
So I spent most of today setting up our 2012 budget while Steve read and watched TV.  The weather is supposed to start clearing tomorrow...I sure hope so, 2 straight days of heavy rain is quite enough! 

Sunday, December 11, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

It was a beautiful sunny day today...great day for a hike!  We headed out shortly after 10:00...we we’re going to McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  But before we go there, we are going to go over to Fort McDowell Adventures and take a look.

Fort McDowell Adventures offers all sorts of fun experiences from horseback riding to jeep tours.  They advertise at the RV Resort for “Friday Night Franks”, a unique cookout experience in the Sonoran desert with live entertainment, horseshoes, wagon rides, and an old fashioned wiener roast.
After about a 3 mile drive on a wide, well maintained dirt road, we arrived at Fort McDowell Adventures and found it completely deserted.  I guess there are only people there when there are activities happening...we thought there would be a staffed office where we could find out more about their adventures.  We parked the truck and wandered around.

Their website says they have “acres of pristine Arizonan foothills play host to one-of-a-kind real Wild West experience with something for everybody.  Mere minutes from sunny Scottsdale, AZ, Fort McDowell Adventures is a premier outdoor activity and event venue in the great state of Arizona and features four event venues with tons of activities for families and groups.”

We took pictures of the place....

This must be where they have their weiner roasts...

After we had finished wandering around, we returned to the truck and were on our way to McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  We passed the Fountain in Fountain is supposed to be the highest fountain in the world...560 feet high...
We paid our $6 entrance fee and continued to the Visitors Centre.

Before going inside, we decided to take our packed lunch over to a picnic table...

 Steve wearing his recent Cabo purchase (yes, Uncle Gord...he is really going to wear it in public!)...

 The woman inside the Visitors Centre suggested hiking trail for us...we could leave our truck parked in their parking lot and take the Tortoise Trail to the Pemberton Trail...then the Scenic would be about 5.5 miles (almost 9 kms)...sounds good.  So after checking out the displays, we were ready to hit the trail.
This is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake that "rattled" as we entered the room...we were told that if we hear that on our hike to stop, turn around and slowly walk away.  I asked what the chances of coming across a rattlesnake was...she said it`s pretty cool out there for them right now...good!

We had a great was a perfect day!  We stopped numerous times to take pictures....

We had to step to the side of the trail to let a group of mountain bikers go by...

Quite the cactus...

By the way, I`m carrying the backpack by choice...the extra weight burns more calories :)...

The Verde River valley... time...

More interesting cactus...

We could see the Fountain all the way in Fountain Hills...

Two hours and 40 minutes later we were back at the and tired!  It felt great to get out for some good exercise!  The only problem was that Steve ended up leaving the lens cap to his camera on one of the benches where we had stopped for a rest...we certainly were not going to walk all the way back, so I guess we will be buying a new one.
After our hike, we decided to take a drive through the campground.  It is really nice with 50 amp power and water connections...there is a sani-dump on the way in and it is $25/night.  We might just have to come back here and camp for a bit...there are tons and tons of hiking and biking trails!
We took a drive through the rest of the park...lots of picnic area and staging areas to offload bikes and horses for the trails.  Most of the trails are shared-use...hiking, biking and horses...but no ATV’s...sheesh!
We were back home by 4:00...tired, hot and hungry!  We had thought we might go to the Casino tonight but decided against it.  Instead we relaxed and had some wonderful chats with brother, Don, is now on Skype too!

Judging by the forecast for the next few days, it sounds like it was a good thing we got out to enjoy a hike today...I think we will be hunkering down as a major rainstorm is on its way.

Saturday, December 10, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

We had the ultimate in lazy days today!  We had planned to go on a hike but decided to research hiking trails a bit more and go on one tomorrow.

After a quick trip to Target to pick up a couple of things (beer, for one...30 pack of Bud for $20.99—comparison: the same thing back in Victoria is $53!), we went for a quick walk around the RV park.  I took a few more pictures...
This is a big old cactus full of bird nests that is right in front of our site...

The view is beautiful (picture just doesn't do justice)...

That is the office, clubhouse and pool area behind Steve...

We checked out the pool but decided that although it was sunny out, the wind was cool...besides, the pool was full of leaves due to the wind.
Steve spent the whole afternoon on the computer...researching hiking trails and ATV trails in the area as well as campgrounds...we’re likely going to try Lake Pleasant Regional Park when we leave here next month.  While Steve was on the laptop, I read, did some Sudoku and checked email and Facebook using my iPod...I am really going to miss the great Wi-Fi we have here at the park!
At 4:00, I pried Steve off the laptop and we sat outside enjoying a late afternoon cocktail.  It is really nice now that our neighbour, Lee, has left...we were surrounded by big Class A Motorhomes...and there really isn’t much room between the sites.  But with Lee gone, we now have a nice view and can watch the sunset!  As I said earlier, the sites are not great here in the RV Park but the rural setting is beautiful and it is quiet.

Friday, December 9, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

We were on our way back to Traders RV by 9:00 was a beautiful morning with clear sky and sunshine (and not quite a cold as it had been other mornings).  Had we only been having the microwave installed, we could have just stayed connected to the truck but since they now had to figure out what the “electrical burning smell” in the fireplace was, they needed more time.  So after disconnecting, we decided to check out a place they had recommended for graphics...we were finally going to look into getting some graphics on the truck so that it tied in with the 5th wheel and didn’t look so much like a utility truck.

We drove the short distance to A & M Graphics where we spoke to Edie about what we wanted and then she and Jenny, the graphics designer, went out, measured the truck and took pictures.  Edie was going to come over to Traders RV when we were all hooked up and take pictures as well. 
Back at Traders RV, we found out that the electrical burning smell was a light socket in the fireplace.  It had shorted out and was actually smoking as well.  They were in contact with the manufacturer and trying to see whether they would replace the whole fireplace...or just the socket.  They were trying for a new fireplace and hoping that they would be able to just pull the fireplace out of a new Montana that they had and then just replace it when the new one came in.  It was a nice try...but nope, they would only replace the socket...and it would take a week to be shipped.  Sheesh!  But instead of having to bring the trailer back in to have the socket replaced, the technician showed Steve how to do it.  The replacement socket will be delivered to the RV Park and Steve will install it himself...hopefully that goes smoothly!
After we got the trailer hitched back up, Steve decided that he wanted to try using the new microwave with the generator.  There were two issues with the old made an unusual buzzing noise off and on when using it...and secondly, it wouldn’t work when we were using generator power.  The still didn’t work with the generator!  So that means that there is either a problem with the electrical system that Camping World installed when we upgraded it 17 months ago (Camping World, Burlington, Washington) or with the Honda generator we bought from Camping World at the same time.
That means we have to make a trip to Camping World now...luckily there is one just across the street (and down a bit) from Traders RV.  Just as we were putting the generator away, Edie from A & M Graphics arrived.  She took pictures of the whole rig and then a close-up of all the different colours used on the graphics on the Montana.  They will try to match the colours as best they can.  Jenny will work on the design and email it to us next week...along with the cost.  It is unlikely that we will be able to get it all done before we leave for Victoria next Friday so if we like their work (and the cost), we`ll be able to get it done just as soon as we get back.
All finished at Traders RV, we headed to Camping World.  After explaining our problem with the microwave when using the generator, the fellow there gave us a "song and dance" about some appliances needing "pure" sine wave power...Steve told him (again) that we had all of that installed.  Okay, the technician will have to diagnose the problem...we have an appointment to take the 5th wheel in next Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.
It was around 1:30 by the time we got back to the RV park and after backing into our site, levelling off and unhitching, I made lunch...we were starving!  The rest of the afternoon was spent vacuuming and cleaning...I was ready to relax in my lounge chair outside by the time I was finished!
Tomorrow we thought we might do something fun...maybe check out the regional park that`s not too far away...and do a little hiking....

Thursday, December 8, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

It was another chilly morning today but it warmed up quite nicely...we were even in shorts by the afternoon!

By mid morning we still had not had a phone call from Traders RV about the microwave so Steve gave them a call.  They still hadn’t seen it but would do a trace to see where it was and give us a call back.
We did our power walk around the RV park and after having lunch, Steve called them again...the parcel was out for delivery.  Since it was getting later in the day, Steve told them that we would come in tomorrow.
So this afternoon, I decided I had better tackle the mountain of dirty laundry.  Steve helped me carry the 3 bags over to the laundry room and then went back to the trailer and got to work himself...he gave our barbeque a good cleaning.
We finally received a phone call from Traders RV later in the afternoon...our new microwave had been delivered.  Steve scheduled an appointment...9:30 tomorrow, that’s a more reasonable time than 8:00 a.m.!
We sat outside for a bit enjoying the sunshine but by 4:00, it was starting to cool off so we headed inside...and that was our day.  Tomorrow we will finally get the work all finished on the 5th wheel and then will have a week to explore the area more and do some sightseeing before we fly home to Victoria for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

It was another chilly start to the day as we crawled out of bed this morning.  Good thing Steve had put some water in the tank and disconnected the water was 28F/-2C out there.  We had a nice a nice long coffee start to the day...after a couple of hours we decided it was time to do our resistance exercises.  The last time we did them was before we left for Cabo...guess it’s time to get back into the routine!

We were waiting for a phone call from Trader RV saying that our microwave had arrived...we were prepared to pack up and take the trailer in to get it installed.  But we never did get the phone call. 
Consequently, we ended up having a very relaxing day.  After a 30 minute power walk around the RV park, we were back inside.  I got caught up on our banking...making sure everything was up to date and bills paid.  I still have to work on our budget...but that can wait for another day.  Steve watched an old war movie and then did some research on the computer while I read my book.
And that was pretty much our day.  When we take the trailer back in for the microwave installation (hopefully tomorrow), we will also have to have them look at the fireplace again.  There is now a strong "electrical burning" smell coming from it when it is on...sheesh!
Since I have no new pictures...I thought I would show more pictures from our Cabo trip (we have an abundance of sunrise pictures!)...

Monday and Tuesday, December 5 & 6, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

The last couple of days have not really been very exciting.  Before heading to Cabo, we had booked both the truck and the trailer in for servicing, so we have been busy with those appointments.

It was cool and raining out when we left shortly after 9am on Monday...we were taking the truck back to Midway Chev to have the fan clutch replaced under warranty.  Rather than go to a mall while the work was being done, we decided to just stay in the large waiting room and was only going to be a couple of hours. 
The truck was ready around 12:30 and as we emerged from the waiting room, the sun was was still cool but at least it had stopped raining and the sun was out. We stopped at Costco on our way back to check out the cost of our contact lenses and to have a look around.  After managing to get out of Costco with just a few items, we headed home to get ready for tomorrow’s appointment.  We had to have the 5th wheel at the Montana Dealer (Traders RV) in Mesa by 8:00 a.m....why did we make the appointment so early???!!
It was very cold outside when we got up this morning...the furnace had come on, meaning that the two electric heaters we have running just couldn’t keep the trailer warm enough.  After getting just a trickle of water from the tap, I realized that there would be no showers this morning.  The temperature on our outdoor thermometer was 28F/-2C...I guess the water hose froze.  It wasn`t too bad, though, after leaving the tap on for a bit, the water started coming through full force again.
After getting the inside all packed up and just unhooking the outside services (power, water, sewer and satellite), we were on our was shortly after 7:30 a.m.  At least the sun was shining may be cold but the sky was clear.  But being bundled up in jeans, turtleneck sweater, coat and socks and shoes just seemed so strange after the past 2 weeks of lazing on the beach or by the pool wearing our bathing suits and enjoying high-80 temps!  I guess I shouldn`t complain though...we could be in Edmonton like our travel companions!
We arrived at Traders RV at exactly 8am...and after going through all of the warranty work that needed to be done, we unhitched and headed to a mall.  After a coffee and pastry we wandered around the mall...joining the early morning "mall walkers" again.  With our walk around the 2-level mall complete, we headed back out to the truck.  There was still one issue with the ATV`s that Steve wanted to get taken care of, so we headed back to a bike shop that was just down the street from Traders RV. 
When we had the quads serviced in Moab, they were unable to take care of a small leak in the back axle 'boot'.  It would be a warranty issue so we needed to find a shop that would do the work.  The place we went to didn`t do the work but suggested another shop that did...and it was back near where we had just been (by the mall).  So back we went and we managed to find Champion Honda Yamaha.  After much discussion and checking the quads, the fellow said that it wasn`t a warranty issue but they could tighten the clamps. Hmmm...we seem to get a different story from each ATV shop we go to.  Okay then, we`ll go wash the quads (they were still caked in Moab red dirt) and be back.
Now, finding a car wash that wasn`t a full service and with enough room for us to off-load the quads from the truck (and not be in the way of the driveway) turned out to be another challenge.  But we found one that was back towards Traders RV...all we seemed to be doing was driving back and forth on the same route (about 8 miles each way)!
After spray-washing the quads, we went back to Champion Honda Yamaha and off-loaded them so that the mechanic could do his thing...well, it turned out that all he did was clean the area up.  The clamps on the boots aren`t adjustable and Steve was told that we weren`t hurting anything as long as the boots aren`t damaged. Sheesh!  What a complete waste of time!  Oh well, we now have clean ATV`s.
By this time, we received a phone call from Traders RV saying that the trailer would be ready in about an hour.  We were just on our way to fuel up...the best price on diesel that we had seen in a long time was at Fry’s at $3.76/gallon.  After fuelling up and a quick stop into Fry’s for a couple of items that I had forgotten to get when grocery shopping on Sunday, we were on our way back to Traders.
All of the work had been completed and they were just waiting for a new stereo receiver to be delivered (any minute now). The original was very noisy when it was turned on when cold and the speakers would cut out.   Oh...all of the work was done except the new hadn’t arrived and probably wouldn’t be delivered for another day. It would intermittently make a loud buzzing sound. Yay, a new microwave...Boo...we would have to bring the trailer back again for it to be installed.  Why didn`t they phone to re book us when everything was ready...sheesh!
Oh well, we had a new element put in the fireplace so that the heat will actually stay on; the seal in the toilet replaced so that it will now hold water (yucky job, but someone had to do it); the circuit breakers replaced so that the sliders don’t stop as we bring them in; a new set of shower taps (they replaced the whole thing when only one knob had come off); a new receiver...and a new microwave...all under our extended warranty.  Our total cost $186...that’s a $100 deductable and an $86 shipping charge for the microwave...yeah, odd...they replace the microwave, but they won’t pay for it to be shipped.
We finally arrived back at the RV Park shortly after 4:30 and managed to get backed in to basically our original spot.  After getting levelled off, we decided to leave the trailer hitched to the 5th wheel...we expect the microwave to be in tomorrow so we might just as well go back and get it taken care of.  A major pain having to pack everything up inside the trailer but...oh well.....

Sunday, December 4, 2011 (Eagle View RV Resort, Fort McDowell, AZ)

The cab dropped us off at Eagle View RV Resort shortly before 4pm yesterday...we’re back! 

We had had a wonderful two weeks in Los Cabos, Mexico...relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying time with Steve’s Uncle and Aunt (Gordon and Esther Oaks) and their friends, Don and Gweth Purdy (our new friends!)
After a short 2 hour flight from Phoenix (on November 19th), we landed in Los Cabos at 4:40pm and cleared Customs quickly (with a green light).  Gordon and Esther’s flight landed shortly after ours and we were to meet them outside where Gweth had arranged transportation for us (Don and Gweth had arrived earlier in the day).  Sounds simple, right?  Well, as you exit security you are in another large room and are bombarded with Mexicans trying to help.  They were very nice but gave us the impression that we could not leave the area without special clearance from one of them.  We explained that we already had transportation to our resort arranged and we were just waiting for people arriving on a flight that had just landed.  Gordon and Esther emerged from security shortly and then the fun began as we tried to get to the Cape Travel van waiting outside.  Note to anyone flying into the Los Cabos Airport...just say “no thank you” and continue outside to your waiting transportation (to the right as you exit security).  All these people who are bombarding you as you exit are trying to get you to sell you all sorts of activities...and, of course, most come with a “short” 90 minute timeshare presentation!
Our first week was spent at Villla del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas.  We had a lovely one-bedroom ground-level suite that was as close to beachfront as you can get with the one-bedroom units.  It was absolutely awesome!  At first I wasn’t thrilled about being on the ground-level but it turned out great. 

Our first morning...enjoying the sunshine on the patio...
When checking into the resort, we all got “sucked into” attending a timeshare presentation the next breakfast and “we only need 90 minutes of your time”...HA!  But we did have a nice buffet breakfast next door at the sister resort, Villa del Arco. 

Warning...the presentation NEVER takes just 90 minutes!  The presenters were really nice and we weren’t pressured but about 3 hours...that was going through all the paperwork, short trolley ride over to the Villa del Arco, breakfast, a tour of the show-suites (very, very nice, by the way!) and then finally the sales pitch...we were finally out of there.  We totally swore that we would NEVER go to another timeshare presentation!
It was a beautiful resort...newer that the Villa del Palmar where we are...
The pool had a really cool ship in it that was a bar...
This was taken by our "presenter" just before we sat down for the "selling speel"...
That afternoon, Gordon and Esther decided to take a bus into Cabo San Lucas to a bar where they could watch the CFL football game between the Edmonton Eskimos and the BC Lions....the winner of this game would go to the final Grey Cup Game. 
Gweth and Don thought they would just relax on the beach and Steve and I decided we would venture to the next resort just down the beach...the Rui Palace where Don (my brother) and Rhonda were vacationing.  We thought we would see if we could find the very least, we could leave a message for them...we’d like to try and connect with them for a visit.  As it turned out, we ended up wandering through the Rui Santa Fe before realizing that it wasn’t the Palace.  We finally found the lobby for the Palace and left a message.  We had ended up having a really good walk...that sand is brutal to walk in especially at the steep slope there is into the water!
We ended up having a nice visit with Don and Rhonda a couple of days later when they joined us at our resort....

Wednesday night we went to the Mexican Fiesta night at the resort.  We all had a great time but unfortunately, some of us did not take to the food too well...not sure exactly what it was, but during the night I had a very upset stomach (felt like I had a big ball of fire in it), Steve had a bit of “Montezuma’s revenge” the next day and poor Don got the worst of it.  He wasn’t well for a few days.  Gordon, Esther, Steve and I had booked a snorkelling cruise for Thursday...luckily we were all okay for it.

We're in Cabo San Lucas...on our way to our snorkelling cruise...

We made our way out of the marina past some pretty awesome boats...and out into the bay...past the famous arch...

We were told this is Sammy Hagar's (of the band, Van Halen) house...

It took about an hour to get to our snorkelling was great!  We spent about a half hour out in the water and then when everyone was back on board, they served lunch...and all the beverages you wanted...

Friday night we had all booked a Sunset happened to be with the same company (and boat) that we had taken for the snorkelling cruise.  We had gone into Cabo early so that we could walk around and check it out but...would you rained!  Sheesh!

Of course, we had to stop at Cabo Wabo...a bar owned by Sammy Hagar...

We got drenched as we stood in line to get on board the boat but luckily the clouds parted a little later and we had a great sunset....

On Saturday (November 26) we spent most of the day on the beach enjoying the sun and surf.  We had checked out at 11:00, stored our luggage with the concierge and kept a bag with a change of clothing so that we could use the hospitality suite to shower and get cleaned up.  We headed out to San Jose del Cabo and the Club Regina Los Cabos via taxi at 3:00 p.m. this is quite a resort...built right on the side of the mountain!  Quite incredible!  We had another one-bedroom suite oceanfront...Gord, Esther, Gweth and Don shared a suite one floor above us...and over (kitty-corner).  An awesome resort! 
What a view from our balcony!!!!

Our week at the Club Regina was much quieter than the Villa del Palmar.  The Club Regina is right next door to the Westin Hotel.  We were able to use all facilities at The Westin.  Instead of on the beach, we spent our time by the pools here.  The ocean is just too wild to swim in it...although Gordon managed to get in a couple of times.  One of his swims was quite frightening for him, though...the waves were brutal!  But he managed to get out okay...thank goodness!
View as I lay on my lounge chair...

Gordon and Esther cooked an awesome dinner of fresh prawns...yummm...

...while the rest of us sat on the balcony enjoying some cocktails...

Thursday afternoon at 4pm, we were picked up by friends of Don and Gweth’s who have rented a condo in San Jose del Cabo.  Denis picked us up in the minivan and took us to their beautiful condo...just lovely!  Denis and Terese had friends staying with them from Edmonton (Ron and Hannah).  We all sat outside and were served drinks and tacos.
Then it was time to walk to Old-Town San Jose del Cabo...

Our first stop was at a little bar where the owner makes his own Tequila...and has free tasting....

It’s a small bar where everyone just lets the owner know how many beers (or Tequilas) they’ve had when they want to pay the bar with an honour system...depending on a drunk to let you know how many drinks they’ve had...too funny!  Obviously it works for him, though... Oh, and the beer was only 20 pesos...that’s about $1.75 Cdn.
After some Tequila tasting and a couple of beers it was time to continue on to the town square where the Christmas lighting was taking place tonight...and then along the Artisan’s Walk.  Every Thursday night is the Artisan Walk where the street is closed to traffic and all shops are open for everyone to wander through...several of them even served wine. 
Blurry lights...

We had a great was really nice to get out of the resort and see the town of San Jose del Cabo.  We took a taxi back to the resort...and asked the bell man to take our picture by the Christmas tree.  It’s so weird seeing all the Christmas decorations up...

We spent our last day by the pool but by mid afternoon we decided to go back to our room...the wind had really come up.  After relaxing for awhile, we got showered and all cleaned up...we were going out to Inizio Restaurant at the resort.  Not only was it our final night but it is my birthday tomorrow and Gordon, Don and Gweth all had their 70th birthday this this trip was in celebration of their birthdays as well as Don and Gweth’s 50th wedding anniversary.  After a couple of drinks in our suite, we headed over to the restaurant. 

We had a lovely dinner following by birthday cake...

Our waiter even got into a picture...

...and then we went out onto the deck where we watch the head waiter make a rather spectacular coffee drink...of course we had to have one!

It was quite a display...

What a great evening!  The perfect ending to a fabulous two weeks!

Saturday morning, we watched our final sunrise and then joined Gordon and Esther for breakfast.  We had had such a nice relaxing time and really enjoyed Cabo and spending time with Gordon and Esther...and our new friends, Gweth and Don.  After hugs, we said our goodbyes...we were on our way to the airport by 10:00 a.m.
Our flight was a little early, landing in Phoenix around 2:30.  We had arranged for Rick from PJ Cabs to pick us up...and as we entered the departure area, there he was holding a “Colibaba” sign.  That worked really well for us! 
After registering back at Eagle View RV Resort we, picked our rig up from the storage area....we`re “home”!
This morning, with basically no food in the fridge, we went out to Denny`s for breakfast and then grocery shopping.  Although cool out, the sun was shining...that makes such a difference.
Once back home, I took advantage of an empty fridge to clean it before filling it up with our groceries. While I was doing this, Steve cleaned and replaced the dual water filters on the trailer. Other than a 25 minute power walk around the park, that was our day.
We had had such a great vacation, but it was also good to be back.

If you are interested in seeing all of the pictures we took on our Los Cabos vacation, check out our web album...Los Cabos!