Friday, August 20, 2010 (Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, MB)

We had our usual slow start to the day...I’m usually up about an hour before Steve. It’s a relaxing start to the day, so different from the “old” days...we both love it!
It was just before 11:00 a.m. by the time we left the trailer...helmets—check; boots—check; lunch—check...we are going ATVing! We drove to an open area just off the highway, on the road to a boat launch—this is where the Conservation Officer had given us the okay to offload.

Once out on the highway, we noticed how hazy and smoky it was out. There was a high cloud covering but the sun was trying to break managed to a couple of times but on the whole, the day was very hazy. Gee, we were wondering if the lightning last night had started a forest fire or maybe it was the smoke drifting in from all the fires in B.C.!

We had a great day exploring the area. There are lots of trails...used by snowmobiles in the wintertime. I’ve never been on trails that have traffic signs...very cool!

It was a little muddy in a few places...

We found a great little beach on the lake for lunch....

Like the beanie I wear under my helmet....cute, eh??

We returned to the truck just before 3:30. There was no one down at the boat launch, so we drove the quads down there, got a pail and sponge out of the truck and with the quads at the lake edge, washed off as much mud as possible. Steve washed his first and when it was my turn, well, being the klutz that I am, I ended up almost as wet as my quad. The high wind and waves didn’t help either...a rogue wave splashed right up over the tops of my rubber boots! 

And now it's time to load them back up...

As soon as we got home, I peeled off my wet jeans and socks, put on my sweats, gathered my shampoo, soap and towel and was off to the shower. Ahh...that felt good...and besides, I had to get rid of my helmet hair!

We sat by the campfire for awhile and after dinner, settled in to watch a bit of TV before heading off to bed. We`d had another great day!

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