Saturday, August 14, 2010 (Reed Lake, MB)

We woke up to more rain and wind this morning. I slept in until sleepyhead husband didn`t get up until 9:00. We had a slow start to the day. It wasn`t very nice outside, so we stayed in reading...and of course, I worked on my journal.

Dave didn’t emerge from his tent until after 11:00 a.m....why get up when the weather is so miserable? We figured it was a good day to go for a truck ride, so Dave showed us a few other lakes and campgrounds in the area.

At one spot, we saw a coyote and stopped to take pictures. He wasn’t afraid of us at all and even started chasing the truck as we left. Other than one deer and a whole bunch of grouse, we did not see any other wild life.

We spent the rest of the afternoon inside—it was very wet and rainy outside and only 12 degrees...hey, I thought this was August! Dave said that they have had a really nice summer...right up to our arrival, that is. was like this the last time we were here—15 years ago.

Steve fired up the generator and we watched a movie—Repo Man—not my cup of tea! After that we watched a couple of episodes of Sons of Anarchy and by that time it was going on 7:00 p.m. so Steve got the barbeque going and did up some burgers.

Dave’s girlfriend, Kerry arrived shortly after we finished dinner. She brought Dave’s son, Jon and his friend out with her. Robyn, Dave’s daughter, chose not to come out. This was our first introduction to Kerry...she is very nice. We both really like her and feel that Dave is lucky to have met her.

We sat inside, out of the elements, and chatted for a few hours until it was time to call it a night. It’s unfortunate that Dave did not have his full camp set up this year. For the past number of years, he usually has set up camp for the full season, complete with a big outfitters tent, stove, freezer...the works! But he wasn’t able to do that this year, so we had to send them out into the wind and rain back to their tents and tarp...while we remained in the luxury of our 5th wheel.

Kerry said the last weather forecast she heard was for no rain tomorrow but only a high of 12 degrees...I could live with the coolness, as long as there is no rain so that we can get outside and get a big campfire going!

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