Our RV Resources (April 12, 2015)

We have been asked several times...how do you find places to stay, fuel stops etc. Instead of continuing to answer individually Steve thought it would be easier to just post it as a blog that we can refer people to. So, I am passing the blog over to Steve for this post.

Most experienced RV'ers will know most of these sites...

Our least favourite type of camping is private parks, however if we "have to use one" our first choice is Passport America member parks. They are 50% off regular site fees so you will recoup your $44 membership fee in just a couple of stops. Each park has their own rules, so do your research. For example discounted rates may only apply for one night, or only Sunday through Thursday, or only certain months etc.

Our preference is boondocking such as the BLM areas, National, Provincial and State Parks and the other we have yet to try but have heard great things about are the Corp of Engineer Parks

In our home province of BC we use Recreation Sites and Trails BC
                                                          Camping & RV In BC
In Canada Tracks And Trails

These are some of our favourite sites I follow daily that are excellent resources:
RV-Dreams (If you ever get the opportunity attend one of their rallies...educational and lots of fun!)
Love Your RV
Technomadia (Technology on the road)

An excellent site that links most of what we use is Hitchitch
A few of our favourites on this site are Ultimate Campgrounds
                                                               Free Campsites
                                                               Free Campgrounds
                                                               RV Camping

When travelling long distances and just spending a night our first choice is Casinos Camper then  Walmart, Camping World, Home Depot...but make sure you ask first as not all stores allow overnight stays. This year for the first time we stayed at a couple of Fairgrounds that offer camping. They both had power, however the water was turned off for the winter...one was $15 and the other $25.

After selecting a campground we check it out on RV Park Reviews

Sometimes we'll also research the area on Google Earth  just to make sure we have room to maneuver and the sites look big enough, is it off of a paved road, is it near an industrial area, railroads etc.

Other sites we use are Sanidumps
                                    RV Service Reviews
                                    Wundermap (Trip planning with weather along your route in USA)
                                    Campwhere (App)
                                    Camping ATV
                                    Heavy Haulers RV Campgrounds
                                    DishPointer Augmented Reality App (Satellite Finder)
                                    Highway Conditions
                                    Road Trip USA

When towing, for convenience we use TruckMaster Fuel Finder to locate truck stops. We prefer Pilot Flying J stations that cater to RV's for fuel, propane and sanidump discounts with our membership card.

Here's a tip for my fellow Canadians when a zip code is required at the pumps. Delete the letters in your postal code and add two zeros, for instance, V1L 1B7 would be entered as 11700.

When not towing (we always fill up before hooking up) we check Gas Buddy for cheaper fuel stops...truck stops are usually more expensive.

And finally we've been asked...Do you ever get lonely on the road? Each year our contact list of new RV friends gets longer and longer...so...heck no. A great way to stay in touch with old and new RV friends on the road is RVillage

So there you have it...some of our favourite resource sites. We hope this is helpful, and if you have any you would like to share please let us know and we'll add them so we all can benefit.

Safe travels!

FYI...for easy access in the future, I have added a link to the side-bar of our blog.


  1. Enjoy your philosophy about early retirement, we will follow you soon, I hope my wife will agree to that.

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  2. Thanks Yongkie. Checked out some of your blog and your Alaska photos make me want to go back!

  3. Thanks for this detailed blog! As first time RV'ers, we will use all the resources you have listed. We plan on hitting the road June 1st for at least a year. Hope to meet up with you guys!

    1. Well you don't have too many more sleeps before hitting the road...you must be excited. We're at Monck P.P. until Labour Day if you're in the area.

  4. The two of you are a 'wealth' of information!!