Friday, August 13, 2010 (Reed Lake, MB)

We woke up to a cloudy day this morning (in more ways than one...). As usual, I worked on my journal while Steve slept. It’s going to be great to just relax a little fishing and have a good visit with Dave. We plan on staying about a week.

After a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, we got ready to go out fishing with Dave. He is an avid fisherman who has been fishing the lakes in this area for over 20 years. He guides, writes articles on fishing and has a website called XtremeSportFishing. We are going out for lake trout today.

Reed Lake is huge with lots of small islands and reefs. We weren’t out long before I pulled in the first fish—a 25 inch lake trout. We kept it mainly because it had really swallowed the hook and being less than 26 inches, it is okay to keep. Steve caught the next one—31 inches. In all, we caught 7 fish...Steve 3, Dave 1 (yeah, we let our guide reel one in) and me 3. Not bad for just a couple of hours of fishing. It was also really interesting watching all the pelicans and loons on the lake. I always think of my best bud, Nancy, when I hear a loon call...she loves the sound they make.

We were back in just before 2:00...and had a very relaxing (but very fast) afternoon. Steve got a fire going and we sat around chatting until dinner time. After barbequed pork chops and fish, we sat inside...because the rain had started...and watch the Eagles DVD (our favourite).

I sure hope the weather clears tomorrow...although I don`t believe that is what the forecast is calling for...

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  1. Thank you from a former RVer who gave up the "sport" for a permanent residence in Oregon. We also had a Montana (travel trailer 33 RLR, FBR, double slide) and towed by a 2006 GMC 3500 4wd dually). We live in our for 6 months while we configured our new home. Sold the 2002 Montana in 2011 and may be looking to do it again.