Monday, June 20, 2011 (Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

Well, the promise of a hot, sunny day didn’t disappoint today...although it took a little while for the clouds to burn off this morning.  It got up to 28c...pretty darned nice! it!
We really didn’t do much today.  After breakfast, Steve went out fishing for a few hours while I worked on posting yesterday’s blog and then sat outside reading.  Dennis and Dunkin’ came over to sit and enjoy the sunshine...poor Dunkin’...he doesn’t quite seem to be himself today...I think he is missing his Mom! 
After a few hours of chasing the fish around, Steve decided he had had enough and came in...time to sit in the shade for a bit.  And that is pretty much what he did for the rest of the afternoon...with magazine in hand.  I took Dennis’ SUV into Oliver and picked up a few groceries and made a stop at the liquor store.

After dinner, we watched one of the movies that Dennis had downloaded for us...and that was pretty well our day. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011 (Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

Happy Father’s Day!  Steve had a nice phone call from Chris wishing him a Happy Father’s Day, just as we were finishing breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning so Steve thought he would like to try a little fishing. There are lots of fish jumping—mainly carp and apparently there are also some bass.  No gas boat motors are allowed on the lake so Steve got his electric motor out.  It was beautiful as he took off...

Unfortunately, it clouded over shortly after he got out on the water but it was still warm. 

Here are some pictures Steve took while out on the water...

The RV park from the water...

This is a private complex down at the other end of the lake...

And some lovely new homes...

While Steve was out on the lake, Rob called to wish his dad a Happy Father’s problem, he’ll call back later. I had a nice little chat with him, though.  I did a little reading and then thought I would wash the trailer windows.  I did the ones I could reach with the small stool and then when Steve came back in, he helped me get the ladder out.
It seems the big fish were just teasing Steve...there are hundreds of these big carp swimming around but they just weren’t interested in what he had to offer on his hook.  Gee...he just wants to catch you and then release you...let him have a little fun, after all!
While Steve was out fishing and I was doing stuff around the trailer, Dennis was finishing up his waxing job on his 5th wheel...that’s a good job done...complete with clean windows, too!

We all sat outside and relaxed for a bit...Steve called his dad to wish him Happy Father’s Day...and then we decided to go for a bike ride.  Dennis was going to go down to Kurt and Ann’s—they had their TV outside and were watching golf...the US Open.  They are all avid golfers...something Steve and I haven’t gotten into.

We rode to a park at the other end of the lake...

And then into Oliver where we took a path that follows the river...heading back north towards the lake.  We rode roughly 13 kms and were gone about 70 minutes...stopping frequently so Steve could take pictures with his new camera.

The Okanagan River is sure high...

I was left holding the camera bag while Steve took the pictures...

When we got back, we joined Dennis at Kurt and Ann’s to watch the end of the US Open.  As usual, the wind had come up and was blowing the clouds away...the sun was very warm, even considering it was getting quite late in the afternoon. 

This is Simba...
...and Dunkin'...they are such handsome fellows...

Some beautiful birds coming for dinner...these are Evening Grosbeak...

After enjoying a couple drinks and a visit with them, we headed back to our trailer so I could start preparing dinner.  Steve was relaxing in the shade outside with Dennis and Dunkin’ when he received his Happy Father’s Day call from Rob. He said they were having a campfire and roasting hotdogs. Angie’s mom and sister with kids are visiting from Winnipeg.  They had a nice chat and finished up just as dinner was ready.

We finished dinner up with a slice of yummy apple-caramel pie.  While the guys were sitting outside, a woman came by with a big tray of fresh made pies.  She bakes them and then sells them with the profits going to a local charity.  What a good idea!
After dinner, Steve went down to the boat to get his fishing rods and Dennis took Dunkin’ for a walk while I cleaned up and did dinner and cleaning up afterwards was my Father’s Day gift to them both! 
Once back from their walk, Dennis said goodnight...and Steve and I watched a little TV before heading to bed.  It was a gorgeous night...the sky was clear in the twilight and it was warm, promising to be a hot, sunny day tomorrow.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 (Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

It was a cloudy, drizzly start to the day.  But by mid morning, it didn’t look too bad out so Steve and I decided to get out for a good power walk.  Unfortunately there are no trails or paths around the lake, so we had to walk on the side of the road.  We walked to a small beach area at the other end of the lake...too bad I had forgotten my camera!  When we got back home, we had walked 5.34 km in 49 minutes.  We grabbed a glass of water and went over to visit Dennis and Dunkin’. 

After a little lunch, we drove into Oliver to Lordco so Steve could pick up an allen-wrench that would fit the handlebars of our bikes.  Once back, Steve unloaded our bikes and pumped up the tires.  Being able to use the truck’s air compressor is working out great.

Dennis decided to wax another section of his 5th wheel...  Although not really sunny out, the clouds were high and it was quite pleasant out this afternoon. 

By late afternoon, though, it had gotten quite windy out so we decided to sit behind Dennis’ trailer for our happy was a bit more sheltered there.  Friends of Dennis and Suzanne’s, Kurt, Ann and Simba (their Pomeranian) stopped by for a visit and we had a nice chat while watching Simba and Dunkin play.

Steve barbequed burgers for dinner and because the wind had gotten quite chilly, we headed inside to eat.  After dinner, we went for a walk and after a little more visiting, we called it a night.
Poor Dunkin was tired...he had had a busy day chasing the ball!!

Friday, June 17, 2011 (Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

I was up at my usual time this morning...can’t seem to sleep in any later than 6:00!  After coffee and exercises, Steve headed into the shower and I opened the door to let the morning fresh air in.  Before I knew it, I was getting a good morning greeting from Dunkin’...and Dennis followed in with his coffee.
It turned out to be a pretty nice day out...there were high clouds but the sun did manage to break through.  It was nice to be able to wear shorts and sandals!  We had a pretty relaxing day...Steve decided to set up the satellite dish.  We had had our account with ShawDirect suspended since we arrived back in Canada; just using cable at Fort Camping.  And although cable is available here, Steve decided he’d like to set up the dish and reactive our account.  All went smoothly and he managed to get a good strong signal.
Other than a quick trip into Oliver to pick up a few groceries and some beer, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in our gravity chairs outside.  Dennis was a little more ambitious...he decided to start waxing his 5th wheel...doing one section that was in the shade today.
After a spaghetti dinner and an after dinner walk, we watched TV and visited for the rest of the evening.  Dennis was also downloading some movies for us.  Thanks, Dennis!

Thursday, June 16, 2011 (Travel day to Desert Lake RV Resort, Oliver, BC)

YAY, we’re hitting the road today...finally!  We were up early, packed up and ready to go by 9:30...but it wasn’t without a bit of a glitch.  When it came to hitching up the trailer to the truck, the trailer pin wouldn’t lock into the hitch...and then it basically got wouldn’t lock and it wouldn’t release...great.  So Steve took the WD40 to it and then I got back in the truck, put it in reverse and applied a little more force until we heard the familiar clunk.  Okay...that was the first of what was to be a rocky start to our morning.

After stopping at the office to return our gate card and say goodbye, we were on our way. is so good to be back on the road again....until we hit construction at Chilliwack on highway 1 east!  All traffic had to funnel into a single lane and traffic was backed up for took us well over a half hour to get through.  Okay...that’s #2 of our challenging morning.
We stopped to fuel up in Chilliwack and had to make two transactions on our Visa card for the two fuel tanks (on each side of the truck).  That’s when we were faced with the third challenge of the morning (they say it comes in three’s).  The first Visa transaction went through fine but when the clerk tried to put through the second, it was rejected...I would have to phone Visa.  I guess because I tried to do two transactions at the same place so close together, it was flagged at Visa.  We have done that many times in the past when filling up both sides of the truck but it was flagged as an unusual transaction.  They wanted to ensure that my card had not been compromised.  So all that took time to get straightened out but finally we were all fuelled up and on our way towards the Okanagan.
Tunnels on the Coquihalla Highway...yes, that is snow on the side of the highway...
Just a truckin' down the highway...

Okanagan Lake...

We arrived at Desert Lake RV Resort shortly after 4:00.  Dennis greeted us and helped Steve manoeuvre the truck into our pull-through site (after a little tree pruning) which was right across the street from his 5th wheel.  I received a royal greeting from Dunkin’ (their little Yorkie dog).  We got all set up and then sat outside and had a visit with Dennis.  Too bad Suzanne is not here...but she is now having fun down in Disneyland with her daughter and family from Edmonton and her son and family from Australia. 
After dinner we went for a walk with Dennis and Dunkin’ and then called it an early night.  We were both tired after our first travel day in almost two and half months!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Good news today!  After waiting 5 days since being told the results were in, Steve finally heard back from the doctor’s office.   The ultrasound indicated nothing serious but the doctor (via the receptionist) said that if it is growing, then the cyst should be removed.  Now why couldn’t they have just told us that in the first place?  It is amazing how your mind conjures up all sorts of things after being told the doctor wants to talk to you face-to-face.

My sister-in-law, Suzanne is a nurse and just retired from working in a clinic in Kelowna.  She suggested that we come to Kelowna and she would contact the clinic and arrange for Steve to have the cyst removed there.  We were planning on heading east towards the Kootenay region of BC anyway and this would allow us to get going rather than have to wait here until Steve could get an appointment in Victoria (not to mention the added cost of the ferry trip).  Perfect...thanks, Suzanne!
Suzanne had left yesterday to visit her family in Edmonton but my brother, Dennis, was staying home (in Kelowna) so we were to contact him and he would call the clinic to tee-up a date.  So after Steve spoke with the doctor’s receptionist, I called Dennis...and within minutes, he called back with an appointment time at the Wednesday at 10:22.  It all went pretty smoothly...other than a bit of an issue with the doctor not wanting to provide a referral letter.  Personally, I think she is miffed because we caused her more work with our questions over the telephone (due to our location) rather than just the usual office appointment.  As it turned out, the referral letter wasn’t an issue and our doctor was just going to fax the ultrasound results to the clinic in Kelowna.

So we are hitting the road this Thursday...YAY!  Rather than stay in one of the crowded RV resorts in Kelowna, we are going to Desert Lake RV Resort in Oliver.  We were there last July for a few days while visiting Dennis and Suzanne.  They still have their 5th wheel there, so we thought we would go back and stay there for a week or so...and then just drive the hour up to Kelowna for Steve’s appointment next Wednesday.
Well, if we are leaving Thursday, we had better get things cleaned up and ready to go!  Steve spent most of the day washing the truck while I did laundry and took care of all the arrangements with Dennis...and the doctor’s receptionist.  Tomorrow he wants to wash the trailer and I have to drive into Vancouver so we can return the car to Chris...and of course, the final hockey game starts at 5:00 p.m.!!  I think we are going to go out to The Fort Pub again rather than watch it by much more fun to be with a crowd of people when we see our beloved Canucks win the Stanley Cup!!
We are so excited about getting on the road’s been two and a half months!! 

Monday, June 13, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

It was raining when we got up this morning and stayed pretty dreary all morning.  Not a very exciting day again today...Steve called the doctor’s office first thing...well, it was about 9:45 by the time he got through without a busy signal.  Unfortunately, the receptionist really couldn’t tell him anything...she had left it with the doctor.  She would talk to the doctor and call back.

Well, that is the story of our lives these days....wait and wait some more.  The rest of the day was pretty low key as we waited for the doctor to call back.  At about 2:00 we headed to Vancouver Axle to pick up the air hose that they were making up for us. It was supposed to be ready by late morning...but of course, when we got there they hadn’t even started to make it.  So we waited a half hour while they made it.
Once back home, we decided to get out for some exercise since the sun had decided to break through the clouds.  We had a good 35 minute power walk to Tavistock Point and back...3 miles in 35 minutes—I think that is the fastest we have walked it! 
When we got back, we put on our shorts and sat outside.  Although windy, the sun was hot when clouds didn’t cover it...but the wind was blowing the clouds quickly so they didn’t cover the sun long.  We enjoyed the sun for almost an hour before heading inside to get ready to watch game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  It turned out to be a complete bust for the Canucks...they just do not do well when playing in Boston.  The final game will be back in Vancouver on Wednesday...thank goodness it’s in Vancouver!
We never did hear back from the Steve will be calling again first thing tomorrow morning.  I think we will likely be heading back over to Victoria tomorrow...

Sunday, June 12, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

We both slept in this morning...I got up at 6:30 and Steve didn’t get up until almost 7:30.  It’s amazing how much easier to get up when you don’t have to go to work!  We both really enjoy our slow starts to the day, with our coffee...just not having to rush. 

It was a beautiful day today...a little high cloud and hazy but on the whole pretty nice with temps in the low 20’s.  A perfect day for a nice long bike ride!  So after doing our exercises (Steve weight-lifting, me with my resistance cords), showering and having a hearty breakfast, we headed out at 11:30.  We rode the Fort-to-Fort Trail to Edgewater Regional Park again...hmmm...must be time to move on—we need different trails to ride!  It is a beautiful trail, though...we really enjoy it. 
We got back at 12:45 and while Steve took a glass of ice water and sat outside to enjoy the sunshine, something came over me...I decided to scrub the shower stall and clean the bathroom!  Something that I had been neglecting and just decided to get ‘er done!  After my cleaning fury, we had a bite to eat for lunch and then I decided to drive into Langley and pick up a few groceries.  I really like having a car...thanks, Chris! 

And that was basically our day...not too terribly exciting!  Tomorrow is Monday...hopefully we hear from the doctor’s office early!  We’d really like to figure out what is going on...

Saturday, June 11, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Well, neither Steve nor I had a very good sleep last night...very restless, so I finally got up around 5:30.  The only reason we can think of for not sleeping well is our consumption of beer at the pub...not to mention the couple shots of espresso sipping vodka that we had when we got home.  We were celebrating...the Canucks won, after all!! 
It was later in the morning by the time we got going.  The air hose that Steve had gotten for the truck air compressor wasn’t long enough—he realized this sometime in the middle of the night!  So after a stop at Lordco, we ended up back at Vancouver Axle to see where they had gotten the hose so that we could (hopefully) exchange it for a longer one.  As it turned out, Van Axle is going to make up a new (heavier duty) one for will be ready Monday afternoon.
From there, we headed to Home Depot to get some varathane to protect the wood paneling inside the truck box.  After reading the label and consulting with the salesperson, we determined that this is going to be quite a job.  It requires at least 3 coats and each coat has to be applied within 24 hours otherwise you have to sand it before applying the next coat.  And to top it all off, you can’t apply with a roller...sheesh...this is going to be quite a job!!  Well, it’s going to have to be done at some point so we might as well at least buy one gallon (@ $64.00) for a start.  We’ll have to determine when we (or Steve) are (is) going to do this huge project.
Once back home, we had lunch and then settled in for a little relaxation...we needed an afternoon nap before going out tonight.  We were meeting Bette and Rick for dinner at Eastside Mario’s in Langley.  They were driving in from Chilliwack for a visit with us. 
So after a couple of hours of laying on the couch (Steve in his recliner), we decided that we should get out for a little exercise before leaving for the restaurant.  The sun was finally making a bit of an appearance, so we went for a walk around the campground.  It really fills up on the weekends and there were very few sites left.  Obviously, it is a very popular spot for families to go for a weekend...lots of kids in the playground, pool and out riding their bikes; all having a great time.  They even have a hay ride every Saturday afternoon—the tractor pulls a big flat-deck trailer covered with bales of hay.  We have learned that most campers are locals to the lower mainland, so it seems like a nice close place to go for a family weekend of camping.
We met Rick and Bette Cawsey at 5:30...they were already at the restaurant when we arrived.  We had a great dinner...rivalling the Olive Garden, in my opinion.  After dinner, they followed us back to our place and we continued our visit.  I had made sure I had my camera when we left for the evening...but then totally forgot to take any pictures...damn!!  Anyway, we had a great visit with them and after hugs and handshakes, waved goodbye as they headed home to Chilliwack.

Friday, June 10, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Today was a “wait” day...waiting to hear from the doctor’s office and waiting to hear from Vancouver Axle that the truck is ready to be picked up.  We had our usual slow start to the day and then decided we should get our butts in gear and get our exercises over with.  After showers and breakfast, we sat and resumed our “waiting”.
Steve decided to call Vancouver Axle...the truck should be ready between 1:30 and 2:00 but “I’ll call you”....okay, fine.  Then he decided to call the doctor’s office and was told that the doctor wanted to see him for a follow-up appointment.  "Well, we’re in Fort Langley...could I just talk to the doctor over the phone?  That way you could make an appointment with the surgeon and we would only have to make one trip back to Victoria (to have the cyst removed)".  After being quite insistent that Steve needed to come in to see the doctor, she then said that she’d talk to the doctor and call him back.  And we waited...and waited...and did not receive that return call.  Of course, it is I guess we won’t hear anything now until Monday.  What a lovely way to spend the weekend...waiting and wondering what’s up.  Is it more than just a cyst? 
We did go out for a walk (thank goodness for cell phones –at least we didn’t have to sit and wait by a land-line)...a good 45 minute power walk down to the Tavistock Point and back.  It was a good release of frustration.  Steve also took his new camera along.  The final bit of the trail to the point is blocked off due to flooding but of course, we had to duck under the tape and take a look... 
At 3:00 we hadn`t heard back from Vancouver Axle so we decided to just drive there.  Just as we parked and got out of the car, the phone was Vancouver Axle—the truck is ready anytime...okay, we`ll be right there...too funny!  So I left Steve to pay up and get a run-down on what they did and I headed back to the campground. 
We were going to walk up to The Fort Pub to watch the hockey game and since it was also a Friday night, we thought we should try to get there early.  I was expecting Steve to be not be too far behind me but I waited...and waited...he finally arrived about an hour later!  So much for getting to the pub early so we could get a good table.  We got there about 15 minutes before game time and did manage to get a table...and after bit moved to a better table after some people left.  What a great game...far better than the last two in Boston!  The Canucks won 1-0!  Now onto game 6 Monday night in Boston.

Thursday, June 9, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Well, we woke to cloudy skies this morning...there is the promise of sun breaking through later but I’ll believe it when I see it.  As usual, we had a very lazy morning.  I finally got our journal up dated and spent a portion of the morning choosing pictures and posting all to our blog.  I have been considering going back to a daily blog...maybe that would be the positive start to perhaps finally getting on the road again.

I chatted with our son, Chris, a couple of times.  He received an email from a company in California saying that his job application is not being considered at this time—he then checked their website again and noticed that the animator position he had applied for had been changed to a “temporary position”.  On a positive note, though, EA (Electronic Arts) in Burnaby have a short-term position available and want him to come in for an interview.  Chris is very talented (yeah...I know I’m a little biased!) and we have no doubt that he will be re-employed soon.  Here is the link to his website with a demo of his work... .  He has only worked on game animation but would like to try film animation so is planning to work on an acting animation and adding it to his portfolio.
We thought we would go for a nice long bike ride shortly after 11:00, we headed out on the Fort-to-Fort Trail.  We rode all the way to Edgewater Park, where Steve brought out his new camera.  It’s absolutely amazing how high the river has risen...
It's hard to see, but the camp host's satelite dish is actually now in the water...
Family of geese...

While stopped at the park for a break (and picture taking), I received a text from Chris saying that another big company in Vancouver was interested in him.  This job is permanent but they won’t have the details of the projects worked out for a few days.  They just wanted to let Chris know of their interest...sounds like they had quite a chat about Chris’ work.

On our ride back, I had a little mishap...we were riding up a hill and when I tried changing gears down to 1st, the chain slipped off and got wedged between the spoke guard and gears that (I believe) is supposed to prevent the chain from going (where it’s not supposed to go!).  It took quite awhile before Steve was finally able to free it...and after trying to clean all the grease off his hands by wiping them on the grass (of course, we had no tissues or rags or anything with us)...we were finally on our way.  We arrived home shortly after 2:00...and hungry for lunch...mmmm...barbequed hot dogs sound good!  We had ridden 16.34 kms...or just over 10 miles.
The rest of the afternoon was wasn’t particularly nice out so we stayed inside.  Steve watched videos that came with his and tips on photography...while I relaxed on the couch trying to read.  I finally decided to just put my book down and close my eyes.  I didn’t really sleep...just rested...something I certainly don’t do very often in the middle of the afternoon!
We were very disappointed that we hadn’t heard from the doctor’s office regarding Steve’s cyst.  After the great news yesterday and not expecting it for at least another week, we felt for sure we’d hear about the ultrasound results today.  After all, these results were only supposed to take a couple of days.  We understand from the doctor that there is a surgeon who schedules one day per week to take care of these “small surgeries”.  So we are really hoping that Steve can be scheduled next week...we are likely wishful thinking but it would be ideal if he could just get it over with.  We are really anxious to get back on the road!!

May 29 – June 8, 2011 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

We started this week off with a long ride on our new bikes.  We must have ridden close to 20 kms along the Fort-to-Fort Trail, past Denby Reach Regional Park all the way to Edgewater Regional Park.  Much to our surprise we found a beautiful campground there with sites that back onto the Fraser River...really nice but unfortunately much too small for us to get our rig into.  There is also a huge day-use area that was really busy with families enjoying the beautiful Sunday weather.  Actually, the parks and trails were very busy. 

Since we had Chris’ car, I took the opportunity on Monday to go shopping and run some was nice getting out by myself for a few hours while Steve puttered around the truck and trailer.  Once back home I wanted to go for a bike ride...Steve had already been on one but was game for another, so we rode the trail here in the park to Tavistock Point.  It’s amazing how much the river has risen....  
We were heading over to Victoria Tuesday but decided that we would go over later in the day.  We thought we would get all ready to go and then go for a bike ride.  Of course, as luck would have it, just as we were all finished and ready to go for our ride, it started to rain...sheesh!  So we relaxed inside until about 2:00 and then headed out.  Steve was dropping the truck off at Vancouver Axle so they could try to find a slow air leak. He also wanted them to quote on installing parts that would allow him to put air in the trailer tires using the air compressor already in the truck.  That way he wouldn’t have to buy a separate air compressor...sweet! We have found that every time we have gone to top up the tires in the states you had to pay and many of the air stations wouldn’t go above 75 psi and the hoses too short. It has also been difficult manoeuvring the trailer in some of the stations.  We figured it was a good time to leave the truck with them since we would be away.
We caught the 5:00 p.m. ferry arriving at Rob and Angie’s just after 7:00 p.m.  Rob was still working the 4:00 to midnight shift but we had a nice visit with Angie before calling it a night.  We’d see Rob tomorrow.

Steve decided that since we were going back to Victoria for his biopsy appointment that he should have a cyst in his armpit looked at.  He has had it for well over a year and a half and was told by the doctor that it wasn’t necessary to do anything unless it changed or bothered him but recently it has decided to grow.  The doctor ordered an ultrasound and we found out later Wednesday afternoon that the appointment was scheduled for Monday at 6:00 p.m.  Our original plan had been to go back to Fort Langley after his biopsy Thursday morning but we figured we might as well just stay put rather than dole out money to BC Ferries by going back Thursday afternoon and returning Monday.  Rob and Angie had taken Thursday and Friday off work to make a nice 4 day weekend of camping so we had the house to ourselves.  Our recently unemployed son, Chris came over from Vancouver Sunday to spend a couple of days with us and to see his brother and sister-in-law.

Steve and I got out for some good walks while on the island...both along the waterfront in Sidney, one of my favourites, as well as in the neighbourhood.  The weather was beautiful! 
These are pictures taken along the Sidney waterfront...

Mt. Baker, Washington State...

Washington State Ferry (between Anecortes, Washington and Sidney, BC)...with Mt. Baker in the background...

We returned to our trailer in Fort Langley Tuesday afternoon fully prepared to wait until at least June 16th for the results of Steve’s biopsy, as well as the outcome of the ultrasound on the cyst in his armpit.  Late Wednesday morning we headed into Langley to check out cameras at both Best Buy and London Drugs.  After lots and lots of research, Steve had decided on the camera he wanted and we were going to see who could give us the best price on the package he wanted.  It turned out London Drugs had the best deal.  While there, my phone rang and it was the doctor’s office...of course, I was on the other side of the store and had to scramble back to the camera department where Steve was.  I thought the call would be about the cyst but it turned out to be the results of the biopsy...and it was great news...all clear!  Wow, what a relief that news was!

We left London Drugs with big smiles on our faces and Steve’s new toy...a DSLR Nikon D5100 camera body, 18-55 mm and 55-300 mm lenses, lens filters and a backpack style case.
Now we just are waiting for the outcome of the ultrasound on the cyst...which we suspect will be a surgery date to have it removed.  That will mean one last trip over to Victoria before we are able to get on with our travels.