Wednesday, June 29, 2011 (Three Islands Resort, Summit Lake, BC)

The forecast for today was for clouds and a shower...well, it was one hellava big shower!  It started with just a bit of a shower in the morning and when it stopped, Steve thought he would gas up the boat while I walked over to use the pay phone to call Chris.  He had had a big interview (3 hours) on Monday afternoon and I wanted to find out how it went.  Well, he was offered an animation job with a company called Capcom located in Burnaby...he starts July 11th.  He had also been offered a short term job with another gaming company but told them he wanted to see it through with this permanent job that he had applied for.  Anyway, he is very happy...this is the job he was hoping to get.
No sooner did Steve get back in trailer and it started to just pour!  And it absolutely poured for a few hours! 
We had considered driving up to visit Halcyon Hot Springs, north of Nakusp but then we figured it would be nicer to visit on a sunnier day so there would be better pictures.  So we decided to just stay home and have a “down” day.  I had a lot of writing to catch up on in our journal so I did that while Steve studied his camera much to learn on this new camera of his!
We were entertained later in the afternoon by a few flashes of lightning followed by loud claps of, particularly, made the whole trailer shake!  And even more heavy, heavy rain!  We watched a number of RV’s pull in during the afternoon downpour...yuck, not fun trying to set up in the rain!
The rain finally stopped around dinner time so after dinner, Steve walked down to the boat to bail the water out while I did the dishes.  When he got back, he suggested we go for a walk.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any nice trails around the resort or quiet side streets...only the highway, so we did a couple of loops around the campground.
After our walk, we settled in to watch TV before heading to bed...and that was our day.  Hopefully, we see some sunshine is summer, after all!!!

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