Tuesday, July 5, 2011 (McDonald Creek Provincial Park, Nakusp, BC)

We woke again today to beautiful clear blue skies.  The forecast was for a high of 32...gee, maybe summer has finally arrived!

After coffee and a quick breakfast, Steve headed out fishing.  I had my usual slow start to the day and then decided to go outside and see if I could find some sunshine to sit in.  The park is heavily treed so it takes awhile for the sun to get up high enough to warm our site.  But at about 10:15 it makes it in for a few hours...even manages to hit the solar panels on our roof-top. 
About 2 hours later and with no fish, Steve came back in.  I was finally warming up in the sunshine, doing Sudoku puzzles.
After lunch, we covered ourselves with suntan lotion and headed out in the boat...I thought I would give fishing a try.  The lake is just covered with debris...it’s really a mess!  Not only is it covered with a yellow film...probably pollen...but there are also floating weeds, twigs, branches, leaves...likely a result of the high Spring runoff. 
Well, my excitement of getting a big tug on my line was short-lived...it turned out that I had “caught” a piece of driftwood!  Sheesh! 
We fished for probably an hour or so...enjoying the sunshine and the beautiful scenery and then decided to reel the lines in and go exploring at bit.  We found a few small river mouths where Steve thought he might like to try fly fishing...but not today.  He’ll try them out tomorrow morning.
Beautiful scenery...

Time to relax in before heading in...
We were back in just after 2:30...time to sit down by the beach and soak up some more of this gorgeous sunshine!  But Holy Cats!  It was pretty darned hot when sitting in the direct rays of the sun!  I ended up being faced with a very unusual dilemma...too hot in the sun and too cold in the shade!!!  I was having a hard time finding a happy medium...so I ended up moving my chair back and forth.
Steve took some great pictures...
A tug pulling an out-house...interesting...

Steve relaxing before dinner... 
We had our dinner outside...it was a beautiful warm evening with no wind.  We commented that there have been very few times since our travels began that we have actually been able to eat our meals outside. 
After dinner and dishes, we went out for our evening power walk around the campground.  The Kootenays is obviously very popular vacation spot for people from Alberta...most license plates in the campground are from Alberta.
Once back at our site, Steve started the campfire while I made tea.  We sat enjoying the beautiful evening in front of the fire...with the lake in the background...awesome!  A perfect end to a perfect day.
Before heading in for the evening Steve made a last ditch effort to correct our power problem. He played with the switch on the Inverter then started the generator and....voila....no more warning message. Sweet! He thinks that because the Inverter was switching on and off so often at our site at Summit Lake that the circuitry must have gotten messed up.

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