Wednesday, July 6, 2011 (McDonald Creek Provincial Park, Nakusp, BC)

It was an absolutely beautiful day again today.  Steve was up and out fishing by 8:00 this morning.  He’s bound and determined to catch that illusive fish! 
I had my usual relaxing morning and then decided to do my exercises (resistance cords).  We have gotten out of the routine since Steve wasn’t supposed to do any weight-lifting for 10 days after having the cyst removed from his arm.  Yes, I know that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t do mine...well...I did do them once...

I finally emerged from the trailer around 10:00...when the sun starts making its way into our site...and sat doing Sudoku puzzles in the sunshine.  Steve came back in off the water around 11:00...having had no luck. 
When a parks worker came by, Steve asked if it would be okay to off-load our ATV’s by the boat launch and ride them down to wash them in the lake.  He had no problem with that at after lunch, we headed over to the boat launch.
We spent the afternoon cleaning our very muddy and dusty ATV’s.  It is actually a great way of washing the lake.  The water was quite pleasant...not sure if I would really want to swim in it but lots of people were and it wasn’t bad once you got used to it.

It took us a couple of hours...and we only had to move them once when a boat came in.  We rode them back up to the truck and before loading them, swept out the box of the truck.  It was almost 3:30 by the time we arrived back at our campsite.
It was time for some “R’nR” so we set up our chairs in the partial shade on the trail that goes down to the beach.  Ahhh...what a view!  Life is good!

After dinner and dishes, Steve decided he was going to try an evening fish for a change.  He headed out at about 7:30 while I decided to carry-on with our evening routine of a power walk around the campground.
After my walk, I sat outside with my book...and a handful of peanuts for “Fred”, one of the many squirrels that inhabit the campground.
Steve came back in just before 9:00...skunked again!  I guess he is going to be packing up the fishing gear.  I had just put my chair away and gone inside...time to watch a little TV before heading to bed.  After a couple of days of hanging around here enjoying the sunshine, we thought we would do a little exploring tomorrow...north of Nakusp to the hot springs.

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