Wednesday, July 27, 2011 (Travel to Jimsmith Lake Provincial Park, Cranbrook, BC)

Okay...this is how “Murphy’s Law” works...if we had left yesterday as originally planned, it would have been a rainy day; we decided that the better forecast was for today, so we decided to stay the extra day...well, guess what?  It didn’t rain (for the most part) yesterday...but it was socked in and pouring this morning...figures!

We pulled out of Pair-A-Dice RV Park at 9:00 a.m. and after making a stop at the Overwaitea and the liquor store, we were back on highway 3 driving through Creston....
We continued east through Yahk (where we stopped for propane) and as we carried-on we officially crossed into Mountain we actually did lose an hour today as we crossed into another time zone.
We arrived at Moyie Lake Provincial Park shortly after noon only to find the campground completely full.  The attendant at the entrance suggested that we might try Jimsmith after driving the loop through the campground, we headed back to highway 3 and continued east.
As we entered the community of Moyie...
Moyie Lake...

Jimsmith Lake Provincial Park is 4 kms off the highway and just on the outskirts of Cranbrook. There were a number of empty sites available and we chose #10 which was perfect for us...easy to back into and had plenty of sunshine...yes, the sun was actually trying to come out when we arrived.

The best part is that we are close enough to Cranbrook that we can get a cell signal as well as Internet using the Rogers Stick...although it is a little weak most of the time. The unfortunate part is that we just couldn’t get a satellite signal...which I found very surprising. This site is much more open than our site at McDonald Creek but we were able to get a signal there but not here...I guess we were just lucky that the opening in the trees was at exactly the right spot there.  While here, the trees are much thinner...but just too many of them for a signal to get through. Thanks to my brother Dennis we have lots of downloads to watch plus a few HDPVR recordings.

After dinner, we went for a walk around the campground...and to the beach and boat launch area. 

Afterwards, we settled in to watch some recorded programs...and then it was bedtime...


  1. hows summer back west seen the island has not been very warm. where you guys heading to for winter?

  2. Hey Dave Summer has been on again-off again...hopefull August will be better. We plan on heading south probably mid-Octoberish...likely Arizona and area.