Friday, July 22, 2011 (Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, Nelson, BC)

It was cold in the trailer when I got up this morning so I ended up turning on the furnace.  It certainly didn’t look like it was going to be a particularly nice day out there again.  I want summer back!

Well, since it was raining again this morning, I decided to take the laptop and walk up to the Visitors Centre and work on our travel blog.  I was up there for about 2 ½ hours...until they closed at 1:00.  Now, isn’t that odd?  The Visitors Centre hours are from 9:00 to 1:00 and 6:00 to would think that it would be open all day especially during the peak summer tourist season.

When I got back to the trailer, Steve was sitting outside in his lounge chair reading.  So I decided to join him.  It was another one of those on again/off again rainy days...nice one minute with the sun shining, then cloudy and raining the next. At one point, we were going to go for a bike ride but, of course, it started raining, so we ended up spending the afternoon reading.
I left a message with Wes and Kim...the couple we met last week in New Denver. They told us to look them up when we were in Nelson and they would show us around. Unfortunately we left it too late and they had a commitment on Saturday and Wes was heading back to New Denver to start wiring a house under construction.
It wasn’t too bad out after dinner so we hopped on our bikes and went for a ride around the campground.  Once back, I thought I would give the cell a try and call my brother, Dennis.  The cell service here is very sporadic...with a weak signal at best.  One minute you have a signal, the next nothing.  We had called Rob earlier this evening and had to call back 3 times to finish our conversation. 
I stayed outside...figuring the signal would be better out there...and had a great chat with Dennis.  It sounds like Suzanne’s granddaughters are wearing her out...she’ll be ready for a break when their Mom and Dad come pick them up next weekend!
Since I had no problem with the cell service during my call to Dennis, I thought I would try calling Don...he wasn’t home, so after leaving a message, I called Dwight.  It was great getting caught up with at least 2 of my brothers!
Unfortunately, we can’t have campfires here in the overflow section of the campground...but otherwise we like it here.  We have managed to set up our site so that is really quite private and it is nice having the openness so it’s not so dark as it would be in the regular sites.

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