Wednesday, July 13, 2011 (New Denver, BC)

It was mainly cloudy with very little sunshine making it through when we got up this morning.  We had our usual start to the morning news...all while I am writing yesterday’s events in our journal. 

We did our exercises, showered and by the time we had had breakfast, the rain had started...and it rained throughout the whole day.  The valley was really socked in with low cloud for the majority of the day.

So...I spent all day over at a picnic table in the gazebo on the laptop updating our blog.  Mind you, I did relent and let Steve have control of the laptop for a bit so he could send a couple of emails.  But other than that, I worked on our blog all day.  I made good progress but still have a way to go to have it totally up-to-date.

Steve, Robert and Judith...
It's just not very nice out!

By late afternoon, the sun managed to break through and we sat soaking it up...until it was time to go inside for dinner.  Steve was planning on going fishing after dinner so we ate a little earlier than usual.  After dinner and dishes, we headed over to the gazebo with the laptop to call Steve’s Dad.  The only problem with making a phone call with the laptop is that everyone can hear your conversation...mind you, the gazebo isn’t too close to the campsites so it’s not too bad.  After a chat with Steve’s Dad, we said was time for Steve to head out fishing.  Here are some great pictures Steve took while out fishing.

Sunset on Slocan Lake...

Passing Carpenter Creek while fishing...not catching...

I decided to stay at the table and do some more work on the blog.  After about another hour, Robert and Judith came over to join me at the table with their laptops.  It was after 8:30 when I decided to call it a shoulder was getting very sore (I’m not working from a very ergonomically correct workstation!!).
Shortly after I got back to the trailer, I could hear the familiar sound of our boat motor...Steve was coming in.  He had caught one fish...well, that’s better than no fish.  After hauling the boat back to our site and putting his fishing stuff away, he came was time to watch some TV before heading to bed.

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