Thursday, June 30, 2011 (Three Islands RV Resort, Summit Lake, BC)

It looked a little more promising out there as I opened up the blinds this least there was some blue sky.  After all the rain yesterday, I sure hope we have some sun today!

Steve got up this morning announcing that he was going fishing.  So after coffee and a bowl of cereal, off he went making two trips down to the boat to load it with his fishing rods, tackle box, downrigger, life jacket...and his camera.  It was just before 8:00 when he was off onto the lake.

As for me...well, I was having a very lazy morning.  After he left, I had a leisurely breakfast while reading information booklets on the Kootenay area and watching the morning news.  I finally decided I should get my butt in gear and have a shower.

I had just finished getting all cleaned up and was just puttering around when Steve came in...he needed a bathroom break and was going right back out.  Fishing was great; so far he had caught 4 and lost 2...he even had a double-header.  He asked if I wanted to go back out with him...sure, I’m game!  Especially if the fish are biting! 
We caught another 7 fish and lost a couple more in the next hour or so. When we checked in Steve asked the lady how the fishing was. She said they were jumping in the boat!  No kidding....the last fish I caught jumped out of the water towards the boat. Steve said if he hadn’t had the net ready the fish would have landed in the boat! It was really nice out on the lake...especially when the sun was out.  At about 11:30, we decided to reel the lines in and head back in for lunch.  But before going in, we took a boat ride down the lake past the 3 islands that are in the middle...Steve took a couple of pictures...

This is a picture of a couple of the waterfront sites at Summit Lake Provincial Park...

A very rugged mountainside on the east side of the lake...

After lunch we thought we would walk down the highway to Summit Lake Provincial Park...get a little exercise while checking out the campground.  On the way we stopped at the office to ask about ATV trails in the area.  While out on the lake we noticed a couple in a yellow Can-am side-by-side riding along the other side of the lake.  We were happy to hear that we would be able to off-load our quads and ride out right from our campsite...nice!

The Provincial Park has a fairly small campground.  Most sites are too small for us to get our rig into but it’s a nice campground with sites right on the lake.  We walked around the loop and then to the beach/day-use area.

Back at the Three Islands Resort, we walked through the overflow area (pictured on left) where we were told we could ride our quads to the edge of the property and then it would be just a quick jaunt across the highway to a Forest Service Road.  As we were walking back, the couple in the yellow Can-am road by on the way back to the campground.  So we decided to go talk to them about riding in the area.
We had a nice chat with Bob and Carol about their quad and riding trails in the area.  After a tentative date to go for a ride tomorrow, we headed back to our site.  We sat outside enjoying the sun when it decided to make an appearance, but basically just relaxing.  I worked on some Sudoku puzzles while Steve laid back and closed his eyes for a bit.
Then it was time to get a campfire going...Steve chopped some kindling and I got the newspaper ready.  We enjoyed our happy hour by the campfire and then it was time to get dinner on.  After dinner and dishes, we decided walk over to talk to Bob and Carol.  As it turned out, we ended sitting around their campfire and having a couple of drinks with them.  We enjoyed our visit with them and after a couple of hours said goodnight.  We were going to go for an ATV ride with them tomorrow morning...

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