Sunday, July 24, 2011 (Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, Nelson, BC)

Well, it has been a long time since we woke up to clear blue skies...not a cloud anywhere...nice!  The forecast was for temps up into the low 30’sC (90F)...Yay, maybe summer is back! 

We decided that we were going to hike the trails on the other side of the highway so after “slapping” on the suntan lotion, we headed was 10:10 a.m.  We stopped at the gate to pay for one final night and then carried on to the Visitors Centre where we took the trail down to the river.  The trail follows the river and goes under the highway bridge.
We took Canyon follows the river and goes to a viewpoint. Not too far into our hike and we had to stop and get the bug spray out...we were being eaten alive by the mosquitoes! Pictures along the way...

We made it to the viewpoint just after a big group of kids had left...they passed us on their way back.  It looked like it was probably a nature walk put on by the park.  Pictures from the lookout...

On the way back we decided to take the Pine Trail.  Nothing much to look at on this trail...just trees and bushes.  We arrived home just before 11:30...not a long hike but at least we got out for some exercise and saw more of the area.
After resting in the shade with a bottle of water, we had lunch and then I grabbed the laptop and headed off on my bike to the Visitors Centre.  They close at 1:00 but there are picnic tables and benches outside so I should still be able to get the Wi-Fi signal I’m after!

Unfortunately, there are no electrical outlets about an hour and a half later I had to pack it in...the battery was "exhausted".  When I got back to the trailer, I found Steve busy doing some repairs to the trailer.  There is a plastic track that holds the electrical wires that runs down the back corner of the trailer.  The fellows who installed the cameras put it on to hide the wires.  Well, part of the track was coming off so Steve had taken it all off and cleaned all the old adhesive off the trailer and the track.  We had picked up some double-sided tape at Lordco when we were in Nelson.  So he was just putting on the new adhesive to the track when I got home.  After plugging the laptop in to recharge, I helped him put the track back up and run the wires back down it.  That was a good job had ended up being a lot more work than he had anticipated!

I read my book for awhile while Steve puttered around putting things away.  And with the laptop battery almost fully charged, I headed back down to the Visitors Centre.  My mission for the next hour or so was to research campground options along the east side of Kootenay Lake.  We were leaving tomorrow and taking the ferry across the lake from Balfour to Kootenay Bay.  There is only one small Provincial Park along that stretch of the highway south to Creston.  I found a few options for private campgrounds...most of which are close to Crawford Bay and Grey Creek, not far from the ferry landing.  Otherwise, there are a couple further south in the Creston area.  When choosing a campground, I rely a lot on reviews from others but unfortunately, I could only find reviews on one.  So, we`ll just have to take a look when we get there.

While I was gone, Steve had taken his camera and walked down to the beach...looks like it was pretty busy on this beautiful Sunday afternoon....

After dinner, I did the dishes and then thought I would try calling my brother Don.  He had returned my call from the other night but we still hadn`t connected.  I had a nice chat with both Don and Rhonda...while getting eaten by mosquitoes.  Hmmm...I wonder how often you have to re-apply bug spray...?
With all the outside stuff packed away, we went inside to watch a little TV before bed...we`re both looking forward to having a new "yard" tomorrow.

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