Monday, June 27, 2011 (Travel to Three Islands Resort, Summit Lake, BC)

We were all packed up and ready to hit the road shortly after 9:30 this morning.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far.  No more than about 5 minutes on Seven Mile Dam Road heading back to the highway, the tire pressure monitor alarm started blaring.  The back tire on the trailer that had been plugged the night we arrived wasn’t holding...we had a flat tire...just great!!  But thank goodness Steve had decided to purchase the tire pressure monitoring system otherwise, we wouldn’t have realized it.  Steve can only see the trailer tires on curves in the road.  Without the tire pressure system, the tire could have easily totally destroyed itself and damaged the side of the trailer. We highly recommend this monitoring system from Truck System Technologies Inc. 

Steve stopped immediately (good thing it wasn’t on one of the many curves in the road), put the flashers on and got out...I was not far behind him. There was no shoulder to pull onto so we had to block the whole lane. Yup...the air was hissing out of the plug in the tire.  So he wanted me to put my finger over the hole to try and stop the air from escaping while he put out the hazard triangles and got another plug and the air hose out.  Now I know what the guy who put his finger in the dyke to stop the water felt like...too funny!

I battled with the air leak for what seemed like eons...but he finally got everything ready and I now had to put air into the tire while he inserted the plug.  Thank goodness for having the air hose installed so that we can use the truck’s air compressor...another one of those “money well spent” ideas!!
Steve had just finished up and was checking the tire pressure when a Hydro worker came along in his truck.  He happened to be on his way to a tire shop in Trail and offered to wait while Steve put all the stuff away so we could follow him.   Hoping the tire would hold until we got into Trail, we carried on down the mountain following the Hydro fellow.  The pressure on the tire was steady and we had no trouble making it to Trail...whew!
Unfortunately, the fellow in the tire shop wasn’t able to help us.  The facilities weren’t big enough to get our rig into his lot and they couldn’t work on it on the street because the City would get after him for that.  Well...okay then...guess we are going to have to go back to our original plan and head to Kal Tire in Castlegar.
As it turned out, the tire was fine and once at Kal Tire, they were able to take care of us right away.  While the tire was being fixed, I was on the laptop looking up the phone number for the campground we were hoping to get into tonight...and stay through the July 1st long weekend that was coming up.  Luck was on our side today because the lady said that their largest site was available up to Sunday...okay, we’ll take it!  They don’t take credit or debit cards...only cash...I guess it’s their way of keeping the costs down.  At $28/night (plus HST) for full hook-ups, we thought it was pretty reasonable. Mind you, the $8 charge to launch our boat was a little steep.  I just had to find an ATM before we left Castlegar...luckily there was one right next door from KalTire at the pub...sweet! 
Although our trip hadn’t started off that great this morning, another indication that luck was on our side now was that the repair of our tire didn’t cost us anything.  It was supposed to cost $48 but the fellow said it was gratis...just remember them when it comes to buying new tires...bonus! 
So happy with how the whole tire fiasco had turned out, we continued on with our journey into the beautiful Slocan Valley towards Summit Lake.   Here we are stopped at a roadside pullover north of Slocan...

A very beautiful drive as we head north on Highway 6 along the Slocan Lake...
And windy...

This is Summit Lake as we approach the campground...

We turned into Three Islands Resort-RV and Campground at about 2:15...and were very pleasantly surprised!  What a lovely grassy park right on the edge of the lake.  We were given a really nice site (#47A) with no one on our awning side...just lots of open grass with a view of the lake.   I had one huge disappointment cell service and no internet...apparently Rogers hasn’t put up a tower in the valley.  I know I didn’t have any service at Seven Mile Dam but at least I could get a cell signal up in the mountains when we were ATV riding or when we went into Trail.  But service whatsoever...not even in Nakusp!!  Well, when we do get back into a service area, I am going to be very busy updating our blog and posting pictures...and all of our readers will have a lot to catch up on!!

We got all levelled off, unhitched and once the sliders were out, I decided to vacuum before moving all the furniture out. Steve set up everything outside and got the satellite dish set up. It was after 4:30 by the time we had finished all of our work and were ready to sit down with a beer/wine to enjoy our new spot.

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