Monday, July 4, 2011 (McDonald Creek Provincial Park, Nakusp, BC)

We woke to clear blue sky this morning...but it was darned chilly!  We ended up putting on the furnace for a little while just to warm things up a bit.  I settled in my chair with my coffee and laptop and updated our travel journal...I keep it up-to-date so it will be ready to post once we have internet again. 

Just before 11:00, we headed off into Nakusp to the clinic so Steve could get the stitches removed from his armpit.  After a short wait, Steve went in to see the doctor.  I guess the doc had a little trouble getting one of the stitches out because the skin had grown over it.  It started to bleed a bit so he had to have another Band-Aid put over it.
We wanted to explore the area, so today we thought we would take a drive south to Fauquier...about 55 kms.  It was a beautiful day for a drive but a high cloud covering had rolled in.  There is a free cable ferry that crosses the lake from Fauquier to Needles and then highway 6 continues onto Vernon.   There are actually 2 free ferries that cross the lake.  The other one is north of Nakusp on highway 23 and crosses from Galena Bay to Shelter Bay and then carries onto Revelstoke.
There isn’t much in the community of Fauquier (and what there is has seen better days!)...we stopped at the general store for ice cream and then headed back home.
Once back at the campground, Steve decided it was time to launch the boat so off to the boat launch we went.  I drove the truck back while Steve took the boat around and tied it up on the beach in front of our site.  He was already there waiting when I pulled up and backed into our spot...yeah, I actually backed the truck up...thank goodness he was there to help direct me!
It was now about 3:30 and Steve decided he’d go out for an hour or so to see how fishing was. Last night he asked a neighbour about the fishing and was told it was lousy...even a guide they knew wasn’t having much luck. I took my chair down into the sunshine and with a glass of water, my book and Sudoku, I settled in to enjoy the sunshine.  The high cloud was moving on and it was getting very, very hot!  I finally figured I had better go put on some suntan lotion.
Steve was out on the lake for about an hour and a half and when he came back in, he was very disappointed...not many fish showing in his “fish-finder”.  He also said there was a lot of debris out in the lake...probably due to the dams and high water level with all the run-off from the mountains. The lake level has been rising every day.
We enjoyed a drink in the sunshine and then decided we had had enough sun and headed back up to the trailer to get dinner going.  Steve decided to fire up the generator and within minutes, there was a warning beep coming from the control panel in the was a warning he had never seen before “Input AC line and neutral wiring polarity reversed” He pulled out the manual and “played around” with the display panel a bit but wasn’t able to correct the situation. Very strange as we hadn’t hooked anything up differently! Fortunately the manual said it was safe to use but should be corrected.
After dinner and dishes, we went for a good power walk around the campground...a good 30 minute walk...and then decided to forego the campfire, choosing to watch a little TV instead.  It was now 8pm, so Steve turned off the generator and we went inside.  Beautiful view of the lake as the sun goes down behind the mountain....

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