Wednesday, January 8, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

After our coffee this morning, we had a quick breakfast, showered, did the dishes and were out and over at Earl and Allison's place by 9:45. We\re going to another Quartzsite Meet and Greet where fellow geocachers get together. Today Earl gave a talk on geocache maintenance and shared what he carries in a kit with him when they go out geocaching.

We were back home just before noon. After lunch, Steve went down to Art and Jan's place to give Earl and Art a hand at changing out the 6 batteries in the fifth-wheel.

No smoke...nice job Earl!

While he was doing that, I finished up yesterday's blog, posted it and then headed out for a little was a beautiful afternoon for a walk.

Steve was sitting outside reading when I got back...the battery job was done! I left him sitting out there and went inside to bake a walnut raisin loaf. Once it was in the oven, I joined him outside and we enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine.


  1. Hi, Steve and Dianne, we want to travel to Banff NP, Jasper, and Lake Louise. We were originally planning June and July but now think that may be too early. We've also read that waiting til Labor Day was a good time because kids are back in school, prices are lower, and weather is still good. What are your thoughts??

  2. I agree with your research. I know you like to hike so there's a good chance some areas will still be inaccessible by snow in June. Our last trip through there was in July 1995. It was cool and rainy that fact it tried to snow one day. September can be a very nice month.