Saturday, January 25, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

One year ago this morning, we were camped on BLM land just on the outskirts of Borrego Springs, CA when we received the news that we had been waiting for...our first grandchild had been born. The emotions that take hold when your first born has their first born is indescribable. Over the past year, Conner has filled our hearts with so much love and has brought such joy to the lives of Rob and Angie.

Unfortunately he has been quite sick for the past 3 weeks, ending up in hospital for a night last week. He has R S V, a respiratory infection, and pneumonia and is receiving treatment at home now. Mom and Dad say that he is doing much, much better now...thank goodness! He had us all very worried! We Skyped them today and sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he seemed to be his usual active self. Now it's Mom and Dad's turn to get better...they, too, have been suffering from bad colds. It's a harsh cold and flu season this year.

So....Happy First Birthday Conner...Gramma and Grampa love and miss you very much and can hardly wait to see you at the end of March!

After a cloudy start to the day, the sun broke through and it warmed up quite nicely in the early afternoon. We decided to go back to the RV Show to pick up a few things, so at about 11:30 we hopped on our quads and rode over. It was much busier than it had been the other day. Instead of wandering around looking at all of the vendors, today, we knew exactly where we wanted to go.

We started at the InterVac booth where I bought an air powered beater bar attachment for the vacuum along with some replacement vacuum bags. Steve went to the TST (Truck System Technology) booth where they replaced the monitor for his tire pressure monitoring system.We had stopped at the booth the other day and talked to them about the problem he was having with the monitor...the lithium battery wasn't holding a charge. They said to bring it in and they would replace the monitor for free even though it was out of warranty...sweet!

Next, we found the LED light booth where Steve thought we had picked up our lights 2 years ago. The other night, one of the lights had stopped, having a lifetime warranty Steve was hoping that they would replace it. It was the same company as 2 years ago...and yes, they replaced the light...another "sweet!"

Our final stop was at another LED light booth where he purchased a couple of LED lights for the trailer outdoor security lights....and then it was time to head home. It was amazing how much warmer it was on the way home compared to our ride there.

We had lunch and then called (Skyped) Conner to wish him a Happy Birthday...oh, he's such a cutiepie!! The rest of the afternoon was spent "working"...Steve installed the LED lights then borrowed Earl's portable sani-station and emptied our holding tanks and filled the fresh water tank, then fueled up the quads and generator. Meanwhile I finished yesterday's blog post, did a little budget work and generally puttered around.

And that was our day...tomorrow we are going on another group ATV ride...looking forward to it!


  1. Happy Birthday to Connor - yes, he is a cutie pie for sure!! I hope he and his parents are all feeling better soon. Don't you just hate it when the little ones are sick?

    Good that you were able to get replacements for your broken things - it's nice to know the vendors here have good return policies and customer service. The tent is now closed for another year. It was fun, wasn't it? :)

  2. Thank you...yes, Conner is a sweetheart! I think they are all on the road to recovery's been a tough month for them!!