Saturday, January 11, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We slept in until 7:20 this, I can't remember the last time that we got up that late! That shopping trip yesterday must have tuckered us right out!! Haha!

It was basically a work day today...after breakfast, Steve went up onto the roof to clean the solar panels. While up there he took this picture...

After he was finished that, he came in and gave me a hand with the dishes while he waited for Earl to finish with his portable sani-station. Here are Art and Jan returning...their truck is all fixed. His air conditioning pump had seized up which burnt up the serpentine belt. Art said it was a little scary when he saw smoke...

Earl dropped the sani-station off at our place and then it was Steve's turn to empty the holding tanks. Unfortunately, he had a bit of an issue with the maserator pump. Within seconds of turning it on it blew the fuse for the aux DC plug on my quad so he plugged it into his with the same result. Time to get Earl. His quad ran the pump a little longer but eventually his fuse blew as well. Earl built and used this all last season with no issues so why now all of a sudden? They discovered that the pump is 16 amps and the fuses on the quads are 15 amps so I guess if there is any heavy grinding to do from the black tank it's too much of a load.

Now locating and removing the blown fuses on our Yamaha's is another story...

While Steve was busy outside working, I was inside working on the laptop. I was a couple of days behind on our blog...mainly because Steve had to edit the 107 pictures he took on our ride the other day. He finished doing that during our morning coffee, so I was now able to upload the pictures and complete the blog. 

It was about 3:00 when both of us were finished our "work". Steve went with Earl into Quartzsite to pick up some replacement fuses. They are also going to wire up a proper power supply off of the trailers to handle the pump. While he was gone, I sat outside and read my book. It was a beautiful of the warmest ones yet with the temperature briefly reaching 82F/28C...nice!

Just before 5:00, Earl (and Abbey) came over and joined us as we sat outside enjoying the late afternoon sunshine with a beer/wine. Allison had gone on a long walk, taking the trail that goes to La Posa North LTVA...hope she makes it back before it gets dark! 

We made plans to go out on our quads geocaching tomorrow...Bob and Sue have added to the long string of caches they have placed and we are going to go out and find them. Besides, Allison, Steve and I have to try out our new helmets!


  1. I use a 7 pin receptacle that plugs into the trailers tail light cord. this cord has 12 volt straight from the batteries.

  2. Thanks for the tip...that may be a good option.