Friday, January 3, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We decided to go out for a walk after breakfast on this beautiful day...and why not look for three more geocaches that Earl and Allison had placed. We got six of them the other day, now the remaining three have been approved and published.

This geocache was particularly's a tiny cylinder tucked into an old dead branch that was lying on the ground...along with a bunch of other dead branches...nice hide, Earl! We found all three geocaches that we had set out to find and were back just over an hour later...after a lovely walk in the desert.

Once back, it was time to get to work. Steve went over to borrow Earl's portable sani-station and got to work on dumping our black/grey tanks and filling the fresh water tank. I settled in for an afternoon of banking/budget stuff!

After he had finished his work, Steve went down to Bob and Sue's place where Earl was installing new skid plates on his ATV. He had it "hanging from a tree" in order to get access...

Allison giving him a hand...or just supervising?...


Steve was back around 5:00 just as I was finishing up on the laptop. Time to sit outside and watch the sun go down behind the mountain...the end to another day on the Arizona desert....

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