Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We woke to clear blue sky again today...ahhh...pretty darn nice! We had our usual start to the day and then decided to do our resistance exercises (we've been neglecting them lately). About mid-morning, we both headed out for a walk, stopping to say good morning to Earl, Art and Jan first.

We had a good walk out in the morning sunshine and were relaxing with a bottle of water before getting to work. Our friends, Joel and Gaynor, from Victoria are down in Mesa for a few months and are driving out here for a visit tomorrow. They are staying the night so we are transforming the truck box into a bedroom for them. Steve has to take out the gas containers and other stuff in there, sweep it out, and then we'll set up our queen-size airbed.

We were just about to get started when our cell phone was Gaynor...they are about 10 minutes outside of Quartzsite. Well, I was a little shocked...we weren't expecting them until tomorrow! She said that they would go for lunch in Quartzsite and give us a call afterwards. That put us into high-gear getting things ready! While we were doing that, our neighbour, Earl, so kindly filled our fresh water tank using his mobile station...thanks so much, Earl...really appreciated the help!

Just over an hour later, Joel called...well, I guess they thought it was Thursday today! That's what happens when you are loose track of what day it is! Too funny! But all is good...Steve drove his quad out to the LTVA entrance to meet them.

We sat outside visiting for awhile...  

and then decided to go into Quartzsite to wander around all of the vendors. Of course, after about an hour or so wandering around in the hot sun, we got awfully thirsty so stopped at Beer Belly's Adult Day Care for a cold beer...
...and listen to a live music...

We were on our way back into the LTVA when my cell phone was Sherry, she and Jesse were at our rig right now for a visit! We'll be right there! They were just passing through on their way to Tucson...what a nice surprise! We met Sherry and Jesse at the RV-Dreams Rally a year ago last September in Oregon. Like we've said many meet the nicest people living this lifestyle!

We had a nice, but short, visit with Jesse and Sherry and then they were off...and we headed back into Quartzsite to Silly Al's Pizza for dinner. Wow, was that place busy! You can really tell that the big RV Show is starting this weekend...the number of RV's and people in the area is incredible! A far cry from what it was just a few weeks ago!

After dinner, we returned home and sat inside chatting until it was time to call it a night...and Joel and Gaynor headed out to our "spare bedroom"...this is how it looks set up (Steve took this picture last fall on his hunting trip)...but it looked much nicer with the bedding I had put on it :)

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