Thursday, January 30, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

The fellow we met on the hill at the base of Preacher's Pass yesterday commented on how nice the weather has been here in Quartzsite...and hardly any wind!  Well, I think he spoke too soon! The wind arrived with a vengeance this morning! It was also coming from a different direction...from the south/southeast...when it normally comes from the north/northwest.

The day began with a beautiful sunrise...

The wind started off as just a brisk breeze, so after our resistance exercises, I managed to get out for a powerwalk. Steve also filled the trailer with fresh water before the strong gusts started. By late morning, the wind was just howling and because of the direction, our awning and sun shade were taking a direct hit. Steve moved the truck over in an attempt to provide some protection. It helped for a bit but eventually the wind got too strong for the awning and we had to take the sun shade off and bring the awning in.

So we spent the rest of the day inside...we couldn't even leave the door open on this warm day because of the dust/sand storm going on outside. Steve took the vacuum apart...for some reason when we turn it on there is an awful smell coming from it. Although we can't figure out how, we are wondering if there is a dead mouse somewhere in there. He removed the Intervac built in central vac but he found nothing. It's a sealed unit so the only thing you can access are the filters so after wiping it all down, he put it all back together. He figured we should clean the hose, so he took it into the shower stall and poured a little bleach into it and filled it with water. After leaving it for awhile, we took it outside and "zap-strapped" it to the clothesline to dry. Tomorrow we will give it a try.

While Steve was busy with that, I worked on yesterday's blog and did some banking and budget work...and helped him out wherever I could. After that work was done, we basically just chilled inside...Steve was surfing the web and checking out some of the blogs he follows.

And that was pretty much our day....not very exciting, I'm afraid...

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