Tuesday, January 14, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was another absolutely gorgeous day as we stepped out of the trailer this morning and greeted Allison and Earl who were hanging their laundry on our clothesline. They had been up and out early this morning, getting to the laundromat before it got busy. It was just after 9:00 and they were already busy at it as we climbed into the truck and headed off...we're going to Parker for a shopping and post office run.

Once in Parker, Steve dropped me off at Walmart while he went to Parker Yamaha to get a new rear-view mirror for his quad. He managed to find what he was after and was soon back. He took this picture and spoke to the owner of this old Spartan Fire Truck, now converted into an RV tow vehicle...very cool! We finished our shopping at Walmart and then headed across the highway to Safeway to finish off the grocery shopping.

After a stop at the post office, we were on our way back to Quartzsite. We stopped at the BLM 14-day camping area off Plomosa Road to visit new friends and fellow full-time RV'ers, Ray and Anne of RV Happy Hour.  Ray also has an informative website called Love Your RV. Anne is a photographer and writer and has some wonderful photos on her website...definitely worth a look...click here. We enjoyed a...wait for it..."Happy Hour" with them on this beautiful sunny afternoon. After a great visit, we were on our way home.

As we drove by, (me driving for a change) Steve took this picture of the "big tent"...all set up for the start of the RV Show this weekend...

We were home just before 4:00...time to unload all of the groceries. While I was putting things away, Steve delivered a couple of packages that had come in the mail for Art. Actually, we were really surprised when we pulled in to find that Art and Jan had moved...the motorhome that had been in their "regular" spot had left, so they were now back over beside Earl and Allison. I would say that took a little unexpected work...yesterday, they had just finished setting up everything (clothesline, etc) at the spot they had been in. 

Allison and Earl (and Abbey) joined us for happy hour. They had had a busy day of cleaning...Earl even washed his truck. About an hour later, they headed home and we headed inside...time for a quick dinner before we all get together for an evening of Rummikub.

Shortly after 7:00 we joined Allison and Earl at their place where we spent another great evening. We all won a game tonight...some of us just won more than others :)....

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  1. Was nice to chat with you two, thanks for stopping by :) Today we dumped and filled the tanks and moved off further in away for the big rallies that were creeping closer. Have fun at the RV show! Cheers Ray and Anne