Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had our usual start to the day...enjoying our coffee, watching our morning BCTV news (Vancouver) while working on yesterday's blog post. As it started to get light outside, Steve opened the blinds to clear skies...ahhh...it's going to be another beautiful day!

We are going to Parker today to stock up on groceries and hopefully get haircuts. After checking with the folks across the street to see if they needed anything, we were off shortly after 10:00. About 45 minutes later we were in Parker. Steve had done some research on hair salons and Serena (our GPS) directed us to one...only to find it wasn't open...sheesh! Oh well...we continued onto Walmart....maybe we'll see something on our way. 

After we finished at Walmart, we went across the highway to Safeway. While at the cashier on the way out, I asked her if she could recommend a good salon to get our hair cut. She gave me directions to one and after loading the groceries into the truck, we were off.

We easily found the spot but they were booked up...she recommended a spot across the street. We went there and she was booked up as well...sheesh! There happened to be another salon next door, so we tried there and had success...our fourth try!

After stopping at the post office to check for any mail, we were on our way back to Quartzsite. It was about 3:00 by the time we got home....time to unload all the grocery bags from the truck and put them away. 

While I was doing that, Steve dropped off the couple of things that we had picked up for Earl and Allison and then put a new flag on the whip for his quad...I think the old one has finally had it! When we got back from our last ride, a whole section of his old flag had ripped off...

We were just chilling out, when Earl popped over...is it time to go for another ride tomorrow?  You bet! Looking forward to it!

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