Thursday, January 23, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Today we thought that we would brave the "big tent"...the RV Show has been on since last Saturday, so hopefully the crowds won't be as bad as they were the first few days. But to be on the safe side, we decided to go this afternoon when crowds are normally not as bad.

After our usual start to the day, we got out for a was much cooler this morning but at least the sun was shining so it should warm up quickly. On our walk, we stopped to say good morning to Cec and Alan and discuss our ride. Alan and Cec have a jeep and wanted to go out on a 4-wheel ride with that's the plan for tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

Back from our walk, Steve borrowed Earl's portable sani-station and filled the trailer up with fresh water while I got very frustrated with my GPS. While out geocaching yesterday, I accidentally changed a setting and now I can't find the same screen that I normally use for geocaching. There is an alternative screen which works fine but I liked the other one and I'll be darned if I can figure out how to get it back! Bob has the same device, I might just have to ask him!

We headed over to the big tent just before 1:00. We rode our quads instead of battling the traffic in our worked out well, just driving across the highway and through the LTVA to Tyson Wash which brings you right to the parking area for the show.
It was fairly busy but not nearly as bad as it had been the last time we were here 2 years ago...nor as busy as what we heard it had been like a few days ago.

We wandered around inside...amazed at the number of booths set up that has nothing to do with RV'ing. Nail files and accessories....leather hand relief products...just to name a few. Oh well, I guess their main concern was selling space at the show. But there were some booths of interest...LED lights, various RV resorts were represented, cleaning supplies, RV accessories, etc. After finishing up inside, we walked around the perimeter of the tent where there were more vendors. Steve liked this little electric Hummer...

Quite the lift-kit on this motorhome....

It was going on 4:00 when we decided that we had had enough...time to head home. We stopped and had a beer with Alan and Cec on our way...see you tomorrow at 10:00 for our ride.

We were relaxing inside when I thought I would send a text to our son, Rob, to see how our grandson, Conner was. He has a bad cold that turned into the early stages of pneumonia so was on antibiotics. Rob's response was very worrying...Conner's condition had gotten worse and he was in hospital and they were keeping him overnight. We were very concerned until we heard more from Rob and Angie..."He is improving from pneumonia and what appears to be bronchitis but needs to be monitored overnight...we are not to worry too much...he is in good hands and seems a lot better already"...whew...poor little guy!

We will be anxiously awaiting updates from Rob and Angie tomorrow...what a heck of a way to be spending his birthday. Hopefully by Saturday, when he has his first birthday, he will be feeling much, much better!


  1. Hope Conner continues to improve. Terrible to watch little ones when they are sick and you can't explain what is going on.

  2. Thanks John and Pam. Conner is doing much much better now and is home. Mom and Dad are relieved (so are Gramma and Grampa) and very exhausted!

  3. So glad to hear Conner is doing better-I can't believe he is a year old already--The time is going much toooo fast.