Wednesday, January 22, 2014 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Well, we had our typical morning was almost noon by the time I had had my shower and we had cleaned up the morning dishes. But in my defense...we had done our resistance exercises, had a hearty breakfast and been out for our power walk. While out for our walk, we thought we would try to find where Alan and Cec were set up with a group of motorhomes. Before reaching the group, though, we saw them driving away...oh well, we'll still see if we can find their motorhome because we knew that another couple that we met on our Alaska trip was parked near them. We found Alan and Cec's motorhome and, yup, Rob and Joyce's motorhome was just across from we stopped for a chat with them.

Once home, Earl came over to see if we wanted to go out for a little geocaching this afternoon. Bob and Sue had added to the series of caches they had set out, so we thought we should go and find them....sounds like a plan!

So at 1:00, Earl and Allison, Eric and Janet, Steve and I set out on our ATV's. Eric and Janet don't geocache so were just out for a ride...they followed us for a bit and then decided to head back.

A couple of interesting geocaches found in trees...

Another absolute beautiful day!

Four hours later, Earl, Allison, Steve and I were home after finding 42 geocaches! A great time on this warm beautiful afternoon! Now it was time for happy hour at Earl and Allison's...Bob and Sue also joined us. From far left...Eric, Janet, Earl, Allison, Bob, Sue and me...

The end to another great day here on the Arizona desert...

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