Wednesday, March 23, 2011 (Factory Outlet Shopping, Woodburn, OR)

It was close to 11:00 a.m. by the time we were ready to head out to Woodburn Company Stores, a huge factory outlet mall. It was a short drive through the country back to I-5 and then 6 miles south to the mall. We had passed it yesterday and it looked huge! After parking the truck, it was time to get out and explore.

Our first stop (and our main reason for being here) was at the Bose Store. It wasn’t long before we had ourselves a Bose Wave Music System....
There was a special on right came with a free Ipod connector kit and remote (valued at $99.95)...sweet! We left the boxes there to pick up when we had finished the rest of our shopping.

We left the Bose Store and started our walk to the left, going to the end where there was a North Face Store. We both wanted to check out hiking boots. I was successful...Steve was not. I got a great pair of Hedgehog Mid GTX XCR Hiking Shoes...and they were on sale with an extra 40% off an already good price. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any that worked for Steve.

We continued our “shopping” mainly stopping at any stores that might possibly have hiking shoes for Steve...Columbia Sportswear, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Merrell...even Rockport and Famous Footwear Outlet...but no luck. I actually managed to get him into Kitchen Collection. I thought I would like to check out an indoor grill...but those George Foreman Grills are much too big for my kitchen!

Oh how I miss those shopping days with my Mom-In-Law when we used to have our “girls week away” and we would spend hours just wandering around shopping malls and outlets...we never made it down to Oregon, though...just across the border to the Bellingham/Mt. Vernon area in Washington State. That was many years ago! So as enjoyable as it was with Steve, it wasn’t quite the same as spending hours with your girlfriends checking out all the stores. We actually went into very few stores but we did walk the whole mall. Poor Steve needs a rest from all the shopping....

With this huge outlet mall and the massive parking lot, I don’t think they really thought out the impact of all the traffic it would bring to the area. The traffic was backed up exiting the area...mind you, it did not help that there was some road construction with a lane closed on the overpass leading to I-5 north. On the way home, we stopped for propane and then went into the small community of Donald for milk--$2.99 for a gallon...not bad for a little corner store.

It had been a really nice, warm day with the sun breaking through quite regularly but now as we headed home, the clouds were getting thicker and thicker. Steve wanted to rinse all the salt off the truck and trailer, so that was his chore for the rest of the afternoon while I updated our blog and listened to CD’s on our new stereo...Wow, it really is amazing the sound that comes out of that little box!

As Steve was finishing the trailer, the rain started...I thought he would be right in but nope, he hadn’t done the truck he stayed out until it was finished. Both the truck and trailer were filthy and although he hadn’t washed them with soap, at least he got the main dirt and road salt off them.

After a great steak dinner (if I do say so myself...since I cooked it!), we decided to go out for walk around the campground. As we were leaving, we noticed some very dark clouds coming in...well, we hadn’t even gotten around the loop when the rain started pelting down, making it a major power walk to get back to the trailer before we got completely soaked!

More shopping is planned for tomorrow...this time, north to Wilsonville to Sleep Country and Best Buy.

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