Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (Travel Day to Mojave, California)

I was up bright and early this morning...my original plan had to jump in the shower right away but since it was only 5:45, I thought I would wait and have a cup of coffee first. One cup of coffee and then into the shower...all finished by 6:30 and time for Steve to get up.

We were all packed up and on the road by 9:00, heading south down the Needles Highway to Interstate 40 West. Another gorgeous travel day...although there was a little cloud developing along with some wind.

The countryside changes so quickly...quite incredible...we drove through gradual slopes leading up into the mountains and then into the vast flatness of the Mojave Desert...but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It is flat but full of vegetation...scrub but lots of green with colourful ground flowers...not lush greenery but brownish green. Hmmm....kind of hard to explain...but all very beautiful in its own way. Unfortunately, my camera battery decided to die, so I didn’t get many pictures.

We drove past Edwards Air Force Base arriving in Mojave, California and our destination for today...Sierra Trails RV Park. We weren’t really expecting much but it is a Passport America campground, so the price was right. It was about 2:00 when we arrived and after registering, we were directed to the pull-though sites behind the main RV park. Absolutely no “it” factor but at $13.25 + $2 for cable, it will be adequate for the night.

We didn’t unhitch and decided only to hook up the electrical; not bothering with water since we had enough water in the tank for the night...there were no sewer hook-ups. So, I just had to unpack the inside and we were set.

It was really warm outside...not as hot as it had been in Laughlin, but still in the high 70’s. We sat outside in the shade for awhile and as the sun lowered in the sky and the wind came up, we moved into the sunshine. I figure we need as much sunshine as possible because I know our time is limited! We were also entertained all afternoon by the occasional fighter jet from nearby Edwards Airforce Base screaming past the campground.

Once it got a little too chilly, we headed inside...time to get dinner ready anyway. After barbequed burgers, we sat watching TV while I updated our travel journal...I’d really like to try to keep it up to date...if possible...

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