Saturday, March 26, 2011 (Champoeg State Park, Woodburn, OR)

Well our first night sleeping on our new bed was a bit of a let down...Steve woke up with a stiff sore back. This is not a good thing considering his past problems with his back. I found it a little hard and my hips were a little sore. I think the problem is that our bodies had gotten used to the crappy mattress we were sleeping is going to take some adjustment least, we hope that is all it is.

We spent most of today on a wild goose chase...trying to find a place that would install a hitch on the truck for our bike rack. We found one place that could do it but the hitch they had on hand was for a dump truck...a little over-kill for bike rack! A couple of other metal fabrication shops weren’t open today...of course, it’s Saturday. So we finally decided to stop this “chase” and do some more research on the internet.

After a stop at Safeway for a few groceries, we headed home. It was close to 3:00 and we were hungry so we had a bowl of soup and then headed out for a little exercise. We found the paved bike path by the cabins... follows the Williamette River and we walked it until we came to the hiking trail.

Well, we soon learned that the paved bike trail is much better for walking on this time of year...most of the hiking trail is pretty mucky.

There are also Yurts for rent in the park...

We walked to one of the day-use areas and found the fishing dock...

We were back home 40 minutes later...we’d had a great power walk! We considered getting a campfire going but there were very dark clouds coming in and figured we’d probably just get it going and the rain would set in. So we decided just to head inside for the evening. We were wasn’t long before it started to pour. Rain...not showers...are in the forecast for all day tomorrow. So, I think we might just have a “down” day tomorrow.

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