Sunday, March 13, 2011 (Travel Day to Laughlin, Nevada)

Okay...this is too funny...I got up this morning thinking it was 6:00 a.m. and because it was a travel day, I wanted to get up extra early to enjoy my coffee and get our travel journal updated. At 7:00, I’m thinking that it’s really odd that Steve is not up yet. So I put the laptop down and as I’m getting more coffee, I look at the clock on the coffee maker...6:02...the wall clock...6:02...what the heck??!! Well, I guess my Ipod (that I always us as a bedside clock) and the laptop both decided to “spring ahead” into daylight savings time (Arizona doesn’t go on daylight savings time)!! I guess I was actually up at 5:00 this electronic devices “got me”!! And it’s not even April fool’s day! Sheesh!

We were all ready to go just after 9:00 and after saying goodbye to Jasmine...and Ted and Cathy, we headed to the sani-dump and then were on the road around 9:30. It was another gorgeous day as we headed north on highway 95 through Lake Havasu City.

We had originally thought we would stop at either Cattail Cove State Park or Lake Havasu State Park, but it was such a short drive and besides, Spring Breaks were starting and we had been warned that it gets pretty nuts around there. So we decided to make Laughlin our destination.

Beautiful scenery...

We turned west onto Interstate 40 for a short stint on Interstate 40 and it was so rough...rivalling Louisiana’s highways! We exited the Interstate at Needles, California crossing back over the Colorado River...and back into Arizona...continuing north on Arizona highway 95 through the Mojave Valley to Bullhead City...where we crossed back across the Colorado River into Nevada...and Laughlin.

Laughlin, Nevada across the river as we enter Bullhead City, Arizona...

Along the way, I had the laptop out trying to research campgrounds as we bounced along the highways. We decided on Big Bend on the Colorado State Recreation Area...apparently it is the newest State Park in Nevada. It is within Laughlin City Limits, just south of the Casino Drive. As is so often the case, the campground is about a quarter mile from the would be nice to have a site right on the river...oh well!

We arrived there around 12:30 and after paying $60 for 2 nights, we continued into the campground. We were a little surprised at the fee of $30/night but all sites are full hook-ups...and as we soon discovered, huge! We were both really surprised at the size and each has a cement pad with picnic table covered by a cabana. There were only about 8 sites taken out of the 24, so we had no problem getting a site...just trouble deciding which one. We finally chose site 17.

After getting set up, we stopped for the picnic lunch I had packed...the cabana over the picnic table is great! It was getting pretty hot out there...87F! Love the dry heat! Afterwards, Steve set up the satellite dish and we had no problems finding the satellite signal...and...I appear to get a pretty good signal on our Roger’s Rocket Stick...YAY...all is good!!

It was 2:30 when we decided to go for a walk. We found the trail that goes to the day-use area. It was a tough walk, though...being loose sand. We seemed to walk and walk...and it was hot! But we finally ended up in the day-use area on the Colorado River. Bullhead City, Arizona is just across the river and we had a great view of some beautiful homes.

Steve took some pictures and after a bit of rest in the shade of a cabana, we started our walk back. This time we stuck to the ended up being a much shorter and easier walk. We were hot and thirsty when we arrived back at our had been a good 45 minute walk, but it was now time to get those hot walking shoes off, grab a water bottle and relax in the shade!

Steve made a couple of phone calls...first to his brother, Dave in Thompson, Manitoba and then Ken Needham in Cochrane, Alberta...his wife, Charlene has been ill and we wanted to see how she was doing...better, thank goodness! We then brought the laptop out and using Skype, we called Chris and then Rob and Angie. Although a little choppy once in awhile, it was great seeing them and chatting with them!

After dinner, we were sitting inside watching TV while I posted updates to our blog, when Suzanne and Dennis (my brother from West Kelowna) called on Skype. Laughlin is their favourite spot and we got the low-down on where to go and what to see! While talking to them, my other brother, Don (from Vancouver) phoned them so we had an indirect conversation with him as well. Too funny! was great talking to family and friends today! Sure glad we have internet and cell service here!

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