Monday, March 7, 2011 (Fortuna de Oro RV Park, Yuma, AZ)

It was another bright sunny day here in Yuma but the forecast was for wind...and windy it was! The O’Neil’s picked us up around 9:00 and we were off to Las Algadones, Mexico! There is a huge parking lot at the border where you can park your car for $5.00 and then just walk across the border. There is no border check as you walk into Mexico...only an open gate to walk through. Not so going the opposite direction back into Arizona...there was already a line of people forming to cross back into the US.

Well, this was truly a very interesting place! The Mexicans line the streets selling their wares...lots and lots of jewellery, handbags, clothing and of course, pottery. Above all...I have never seen so many dentist offices, pharmacies and eye-glass stores!!! I guess this is the place Americans and Canadians go for major discounts on dental work, prescription drugs and glasses!! Absolutely amazing!!

I had a great time...I have never managed to barter very successfully but I didn’t do too badly this time. It’s amazing how quickly the price comes down when you say no thank-you. I started with a pair of silver earrings...$20, I was told. Well, I got them for $5! It was basically the same for a silver ankle bracelet...and a light started at $28 and I got it for $15. Gerry got 4 belts...starting at $80.00 then settling on $45.00 and an extra buck for a coke! We had a great time...I wouldn’t want to do it all the time and the couple of hours we were down there were just about right!
Gerry bartering for the belts...

As we walked towards the border, yikes...look at the line-up! Oh is what it took us exactly 55 minutes to get across! We found our way back to the car...there were way more in the lot now...and were off to the Quechan Casino for lunch and a little “slot machine action”.

After stuffing ourselves at the $9.99 lunch buffet we headed out to the slots...time to donate our $20 each! I managed to play mine for an hour or so...Steve was done after about 20 minutes! Doreen and Gerry both had great luck! Maybe their luck will rub off on us next time!

Major wind...major dust...

Dinner was at our place tonight but before going there, we stopped at Doreen and Gerry’s for the ‘Aggravation Board’...we are going to play a game or two after dinner. Unfortunately, after stuffing ourselves at the buffet, none of us were particularly hungry for a big dinner...but we still ate it! Just couldn’t make it to dessert, though.

Beautiful sunset...

We played a few games of is very similar to the marble game that we always play, but much better. Lots of fun...unfortunately the guys won 2 out of the 3 games...hmmmm...guess we’ll have to have a re-match tomorrow night!

After a great evening, Gerry and Doreen headed home...we are getting together again tomorrow...Steve and Gerry are going to go ATV riding and Doreen and I are going shopping! A little “girl-time” tomorrow...I can hardly wait!!

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