Friday, March 11, 2011 (River Island State Park, Parker, AZ)

We were going to do a little sightseeing today, so after our usual coffee time...followed by showering and breakfast, we were ready to head out. Since we had no internet down here in the campground, I thought I would take the laptop along...maybe we’ll be able to get a signal somewhere out on our travels today.

Our first destination was to Parker Dam. Trucks and RV’s are not allowed to drive over the dam but there was a side road just before you got to the dam that took us up the mountainside...then down to a boat launch on Lake Havasu. We stopped there and took pictures of the back-side of the dam and the lake.

On the way down to the boat launch we had passed a pull-out with a picnic table so we thought we’d stop there and see if we could get an internet signal. Although a little slow, I had no there I sat at a picnic table with a beautiful view in the background, getting a few days posted on our blog...I also checked email and updated my status on Facebook so family and friends would know where we were. We must have been there about an hour and a half until I had posted all that I could on the blog...I have to get writing! As I have said before...I HATE being so far behind!!

The front-side of Parker Dam...

After that, we decided to drive back into Parker along Riverfront Road. It’s just gorgeous along the river and just across it is California.

We carried on through Parker and then hung a right, crossing the bridge over into California. We drove all the way along what is known as ‘The Parker Strip’ to the Parker Dam. Too bad we couldn’t have just made the loop by driving over the dam...but we were way too big and heavy. It was really nice being able to see all the riverfront places on the Arizona side of the river. We also found that there was a lot more established ATV riding areas along the Parker Strip in California as well. The ATV’s are due for their 2nd service before we ride again and we are running out of time before we have to be back to Victoria.

We were actually looking for a riverfront bar and grill type restaurant for lunch but after finding nothing, we turned around and decided to pick up a few groceries at Walmart and then see if we could find a place along the Parker side of the river. We thought we had seen a spot from the other side but we just couldn’t find it. So just before we reached La Paz County campground, we stopped at Strokes Bar & Grill. It wasn’t on the riverfront but we had a great lunch...since it was so late we decided to split a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. It came already separated onto two plates with fries. We each had a beer and when the bill came it was only $12.86...I thought she had forgotten to charge us for the beer. But I guess it was after 2:00 and now “happy hour” so the beers were only $2. So not only was the meal delicious, it was cheap! Bonus!

It was after 3:00 when we arrived home...time to pull up our chairs into some shade! We relaxed there until it was time to go in and make dinner. I put the kabobs together while Steve watched the news...what a devastating earthquake that hit Japan...and now there was a tsunami warning for the coast of BC. From what we have heard so far, though, the waves were fairly light.

After dinner, we went for a power walk around the campground before settling down to watch TV...well, at least we got a little exercise today!

Picture taken from our livingroom window...

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