Friday, March 18, 2011 (JGW RV Park, Redding, CA)

Well, those weather forecasters were right...we woke up to wind and rain this morning...and that is basically how it was the whole day. Not only did we have a leisurely start to the day...we had a leisurely day! Other than our exercises...which we had been neglecting for the past few travel days...we didn’t do anything but stay inside with the fireplace and heaters going. It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago we were in full sunshine and temps in the high 80’s....we miss you Arizona!

I spent most of the afternoon with the laptop at the kitchen table working on our expense tracking spreadsheet that I had created. I hadn’t touched it for a long time so thought I should get it’s much more fun just mindlessly spending money and not thinking about it! With it being such a yucky day, I figured it was a good time to hunker down and do it. Steve was comfy in his chair watching TV...getting up occasionally to check on the rising river behind us.

About mid-afternoon, really dark clouds were coming in and soon there was the boom of thunder along with a really heavy downpour...and hail. Thank goodness it was fairly small hail stones and didn’t last too long. And the river continued to they predicted yesterday, the picnic table is now in the water...

"Before Picture"....(taken yesterday)

"After Picture"...(taken today)

It was Steve’s turn for the computer (guess I’d better share!)...he wanted to further check out the truck service place in Medford, Oregon that he had found. The truck is due for its 2nd service at 24,000 km. We sure appreciate that the full service is only required every 12,000 km instead of the 5,000 km we were used to with our previous vehicles. Getting to Medford tomorrow might be a bit of a challenge, though...we have the Siskiyou Mountains to go through as we head north on the I-5 and this storm has brought a Winter Storm Advisory...meaning lots of snow in the mountain pass! And snow is something we do not want to travel in! Besides we don’t have chains. I guess we will just have to watch the forecast and road conditions and decide tomorrow morning if we are going to be able to continue on...but I think we may be stuck here for a couple of more days. Not a bad place to be stuck as long as the rising river leaves us alone!

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