Tuesday, March 29, 2011 (Champoeg—pronounced “Shampooie”—Woodburn, OR)

We had a pretty low-key day today...major rain was in the forecast so we knew we wouldn’t be doing much but hanging out inside all day.

We had a visitor outside our door on the picnic table calling out to us just as we were starting our exercises....

After showers and breakfast...it was about 11:00 by this time...we decided to go out for a walk since the monsoons hadn’t started yet. Instead of going towards the day-use area, we turned to the right and followed the bike path along the river. It goes approximately 2 miles to an historic store in Butteville...but it was closed for the season...good excuse for not walking the whole way!! We did a good fast power walk for 20 minutes and turned around...good timing, because the rain had started in earnest by then. Steve had his umbrella but I had chosen not to take mine because I had a hood on my jacket if needed. Hmmm...guess, I should have carried my umbrella too...I was pretty soaked by the time we got home.

Here are pictures along the path...the vegetation is sure starting to sprout!

We spent the rest of the afternoon inside in front of the fireplace...Steve watching “his” shows while I fiddled around on the laptop and did a bit of reading as well. Around 3:00, the rain had let up enough to let Steve go out and start putting a few things away. We also got the trailer hitched up to the truck...a few less things to do in the morning. And with our luck, since it wasn’t raining this morning, it likely will be tomorrow morning.

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