Saturday, March 12, 2011 (River Island State Park, Parker, AZ)

I was up bright and early again this morning...bound and determined to get caught up on our travel journal so that it is ready to post on the blog once we have an internet connection. It was exercise after our coffee time, Steve pulled out his weights while I got my rubber cords out...not much enthusiasm there! But it only takes a half hour...and what is a half hour out of your day, every second day, to try to stay healthy?!! At least that is what I keep telling myself!

After showers and breakfast, we decided to take another hike up the’s such a pretty view from up there. It’s also quite a climb, so although not a power walk, we are definitely getting a good workout! On the way back we decided to stop at the ranger’s office and find out what we could about Lake Havasu State Park. We learned that it is Spring Break...and it gets pretty nuts up there...great! Our plan is to head the short distance north tomorrow, so we will either try Cattail State Park or Lake Havasu...hopefully, we’ll be able to get a spot.

Once back at the trailer, I grabbed a water and the laptop and plunked myself down to work on our travel hook or by crook, I am going to get it all up to-date today!! While I was doing that, Steve decided to equalize the trailer batteries. The PROsine Inverter/Charger that we had installed last July requires this to be done about every 3-4 months and we are about a month overdue. The procedure takes several hours so because we are having a rare down day; today’s the day.

Oh, and he finally decided it was time to change the insurance sticker on our only expired February 25th!! We had renewed our insurance on both the truck and trailer when we were home at Christmas time...but since the trailer didn’t expire until the end of February, he hadn’t bothered to put the new tag on it. Didn’t seem to matter down here...but it would be a different story once we were back in BC!!

I got the travel journal all up to-date (yay!) and while Steve read and edited it, I decided to catch some rays so I pulled my chair out into the sunshine. It was hot but there was a breeze...hmmmm...that could be deadly! It wasn’t too long before I was back in the shade. We both read for awhile and then we sat chatting over a ‘happy hour’ drink about which route north to take. After a bit, Steve decided to go ask our new neighbours across the street if Arizona goes on daylight savings time. BC was “springing ahead” tomorrow. As it turns out, Arizona does not change time so that means the time in BC will be the same as us here in nice of the folks back home to lose an hour instead of us!

Ted (and Cathy, I think) have a home just outside of Phoenix and one up north in Idaho. They are on their way back to their Arizona home after a brief visit to Idaho...still too cold up there! They have a 4 month old black lab, Jasmine...too cute! She’s going to be a big girl once she grows into those feet! Neighbours beside us, Bill (and another Cathy, I think?) are from Colorado...they have a beautiful dog, Katie...I can’t remember what he said she was but she looks like an Irish Setter but her fur is black, tinged with a little brown. Some folks across the street have a beautiful light Golden Retriever, Cammie...she is a little cranky because she is used to running free on her farm up in Minnesota. She’s not too happy about being tied up. And then there is Daisy, out for a walk with her mom and dad...she’s a 2 year old mutt, according to her dad. So there....I had my “fix” of dogs this afternoon (butI didn't take any pictures)!  As my dog, Ryder, sits quietly on the back of the chesterfield looking out the window....

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