Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One thing I am hoping as I head into retirement is that I can start sleeping in a little doesn‘t have to be to late, just better than 5:30... And it‘s really hard when you are in a hotel room, trying not to make any noise as you get up because you can‘t stand to lay there any longer! By the time I had had a couple cups of (awful) coffee, Steve was up and showered and it was my turn to hit the shower. We went down to the free continental breakfast that is included—it was really quite good...a variety of cereals, breakfast sandwiches that just needed to be microwaved, bagels, toast, fruit, muffins and even a waffle making station where you make your own. We had a nice healthy breakfast and were heading back to the room when we realized that we had left the room without our key...okay...that‘s bad thing #3....which really wasn‘t too bad since we just had to make a stop at the front desk. The rest of the day was spent shopping (well more like ‘‘looking‘‘) at Best Buy, Home Depot, Wholesale Sports, Walmart, Target and even driving up to Bellingham looking for a marine store so Steve could find a new gas tank for his outboard motor. The 5th wheel wouldn‘t be ready for another day so it was another night at the Fairfield Marriott and dinner at Bob‘s Burger and Brew.

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