Thursday, July 29, 2010

We had a very quiet day today. After breakfast, we sat out in the sunshine for a bit...then I supervised Steve as he climbed up on the roof to clean the solar panels. At about noon, I decided to walk up to the office so I packed up my laptop and make the trek up the hill. I checked email, facebook and even managed to have a text conversation with Chris...I love being able to do that! I was frustrated to find that the internet signal was too weak to allow me to download pictures to the blog. Oh well, I at least got the last few days will add the pictures later when we are in an area with better service. Interesting...there is Telus service here but no Rogers...and I am using a Rogers Rocket Stick for my laptop.

After about an hour, I ventured back down the hill...oh, knees definitely do not like going downhill. The odd thing is that it is my “good” knee...the one I had arthroscopic surgery on a number of years back...that is causing me grief. The other knee is the one that had been giving me problems more recently. Hopefully, if I refrain from walking downhill and give it a little TLC, it will be fine.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing in our chairs outside...I was trying to read but I ended up snoozing more than reading. Steve decided to clean the truck windows and ended up cleaning the cab interior as well. He has also been monitoring the battery power for the trailer...which is low this afternoon. Even though we are in the trees, this site gets quite a bit of sunshine but I guess perhaps not as much direct full-on sun needed to keep the batteries charged up. So we are having to watch our power consumption...which means no lights (good thing we have a battery operated Coleman lantern with us), no water pump and of course no TV. Steve filled the blue water jug tonight so we will use it to wash, brush teeth and make mocha with in the morning. Steve went to get our Coleman Coffee Maker out but could not find it...another thing we forgot back home! The list is getting far we forgot the axes, our water shoes and now the propane coffee maker.
We have really enjoyed our stay here but it is time to move on. We will be leaving early tomorrow morning and having a good drive ahead of us. Our destination is Cochrane, Alberta where we will be visiting our friends, Ken and Charlene.

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