Monday, July 19, 2010

I woke up just before 6am to the distant sound of warning beep this morning...was that coming from our trailer or somewhere outside? wasn’t stopping...better get up and investigate. Sure enough it was our fridge giving off the warning signal that it was out of propane. Oh well, it won’t hurt if it is off for an hour or so until Steve gets up.

We had breakfast, got the trailer all packed up for travelling and after hugs and handshakes, we headed out at about 11:00 a.m. Rather than take Hwy 5a north and then the Okanagan Connector, we decided to carryon east on Hwy 3 to Keremeos then north to Penticton and Westbank. It was a beautiful drive and we arrived at the Walmart parking lot just before 1:30 and called my brother Dennis. He came prepared with a list of 3 local area RV parks that we might try so I called Okanagan RV park, they had room so we headed there. It has absolutely no “it” factor but we really just need some place to where we could get everything cleaned up and besides we would be spending any leisure time with Dennis and Suzanne. Registration at this park is very interesting...all I had to do was sign a guest and where we are from. Mary, the owner is a very nice lady who personally helped us get backed into the site.

After we got the basics set up, we went to Dennis and Suzanne's place, got our bathing suits on and armed with a glass of wine (beer for Dennis and Steve), the 4 of us headed down to the pool to cool off. Dennis and Suzanne have an absolutely gorgeous condo overlooking Okanagan Lake...just stunning views! After a dip in the hot tub, we went back up to their condo and sat out on the deck. Dennis brought out the telescope so we could get closer views of the activities on the lake and the surrounding area. We ordered Chinese food for was delicious...mind you I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and after a couple of glasses of wine, well...let’s just say I was absolutely starving!

At about 9:00, Dennis drove us home. They both had to work tomorrow and we still had to unpack the inside of the trailer and get organized before heading to bed. It was very hot inside so we got the air conditioner going but it was still pretty hot trying to sleep.  It did eventually cool down though. We will definitely keep the air on during the day while takes a while to get things cooled down only having one conditioner for the trailer. We may have to get another one for the bedroom area...especially when we are down south this winter.

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