Thursday, July 8, 2010

I was up at my usual time of 6:00 am this morning. I enjoy my morning coffee and having the time to myself before Steve gets up....especially when it`s so bright and sunny outside. Today was weight-resistance exercise day so after I went through my routine with the rubber tubes and then Steve did his weightlifting, we had breakfast and decided to drive back to Burlington and Mt. Vernon to do more shopping. They had given us the wrong ladder at Camping World so we needed to exchange that plus Steve had made a list of items he still needed....gee... we can`t seem to get out of that store without the old Visa smokin`! Then it was onto Best Buy to find a mount for the that suctions to the windshield would probably be the best. We bought one and decided to install it there in the parking lot before leaving to ensure it worked...well, it is like we knew it wasn‘t going to work. So back in we go to return it and try something else.

We decided to use the GPS to direct us to led us to the old store, too funny! But I have not been able to download updated maps yet so that could be the reason why. What an incredible Super-Walmart Store! Just huge and I have never seen a grocery section in a Walmart store like that! We each took a shopping cart and went our separate ways, Steve to get a tarp, dishpan and to generally look at what he wanted and I headed to do the grocery shopping. I do not know how long I was shopping but I remember thinking that Steve must be enjoying his shopping time because he hasn’t found me yet so I continued taking my time and checking everything out. When I had pretty much finished I thought I had better see if I can find Steve...well, he was not happy! After trying to find me in the grocery section, he had decided to stay in one place and I guess he had been waiting for 45 minutes! was a big grocery section....

By now it was after 3:30 so we loaded up the truck (the Visa card was smokin’ again!) and headed back home. Holy Cats, is it ever hot outside! 90 degrees! Once we got back to the trailer, we got the air conditioner going. It took some time to get it cooled down but soooo nice to have it!

We had received an email from Vern that the parts were being shipped overnight from Keystone and that Chris at NorWest should have them tomorrow. Chris happened to be at a call at another RV across the street so he came over to talk to Steve. He doesn’t expect the shipment to arrive before noon but would come directly out to get working as soon as he receives it.

After enjoying our usual happy hour in the shade, Steve BBQ’d burgers for dinner. I went to the office and paid for another 2 nights and made reservations at a campground in Fort Langley. We couldn’t get in Saturday so I guess we will not leave here until Sunday. It will be nice to get going.

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